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Ahmya Ameko is a third-year student attending Akademi High.


Ahmya has black hair in two buns, with magenta bows holding them up. Her skin is fair, and she has fluorescent red eyes. She wears dangly skull earrings and black leggings.


Ahmya is Evil. She will cover her face if there's a camera, and will be happy at the sight of murder.

Ahmya is edgy and believes that nothing really matters. After all, the universe will end eventually, so what's the point in anything? However, she is quick to become happy if something as simple as a well-made poem is given to her. She is stubborn, and refuses to do anything if there's nothing in it for her. She thinks she's a villain, everyone else thinks she just wants attention.


Ahmya was prematurely born in a hospital in Buraza Town during a business trip. Her parents were told that she wouldn't survive past five years, but look where we are now. Anyways, her parents rushed back to their home in Okinawa, and Ahmya lived pretty normally. When she was twelve, she moved in with her big sister in Buraza Town, only a few streets down from the hospital she was born in. Her parents were quickly losing money, and they didn't want her to have to suffer. Ahmya was enrolled into Akademi High School.


Mecha Kucha

Ahmya is deeply disturbed by Mecha's infatuation with her.

Hitomi Akane

Ahmya finds Hitomi very stuck-up and arrogant.


  • Ahmya is in Classroom 3–2.
  • Ahmya's favorite song is Project Distortion by GHOST.
  • Ahmya is afraid of being called ugly. She spends a generous amount of her time on her appearance alone.
  • Ahmya's favorite game is Silent Hill.
  • Ahmya's favorite movie is Ringu and Ringu 2.
  • Ahmya really likes goth aesthetics.