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Aina Himura is an OC created by WPMasterGangGang.


Aina has pink hair, blue eyes & light skin. She wears a Martial Arts headband, silver triple hoop earrings, hot pink eyeshadow, pink lipstick & school uniform with Martial Arts armband, hot pink fishnet leggings.


Aina is Heroic. She will give a suspicious look before crossing her arms if a camera is pointed at his face. If she witnesses murder, she will try to apprehend the player, which results in the struggle minigame. If she wins, the player will get the APPREHENDED Game Over. If she loses, the player will crush her legs with their strongest arms, injuring her.


Sho Kunin

Sho got a crush on Aina to prevent him from being heartbroken.


Aina went to Los Angeles on vacation when she was nine.


Yo! F*ck pictures a** hole.
— If the player is pointed at her face with a camera.
You SON of a B*TCH!!
— If Aina witnesses murder.
You f*cked up Ayano! Shouldn't do that in the first place!
— If Aina wins the struggle minigame.
You lunatic! Now my boyfriend will hold on to me now!
— If Aina loses the struggle minigame.


  • Aina is the hottest girl in Martial Arts when Sho Kunin looks at her.