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Aino is an bunny-like alien. She keeps this a secret from everyone.


Aino has short brown hair and brown bunny ears. Aino's bunny ears are really but her father orders her to trick everyone into thinking that they are just some cute decoration. She has brown eyes, and a childlike face.


Aino is a calm and collected girl who is not very used to using a lot of energy. She's often lazy and quiet and unintentionally startles people because they don't realize she's right behind them. She's also very curious about her surroundings and she often gets stuff confused. For instance, she gets Romaji confused with Romanian.


Aino has done nothing but sleep all day long until one day, her father woke her up to tell her that he was sending her to Earth, along with her servant/friend Nekane. Her father wanted her to kidnap an Earthling boy and bring him to space. Aino went along with it and went in a rocket from another planet to go to Earth. She then crashed into a house in Buraza Town. Which is where she met her current crush Ante.

Nekane had crashed elsewhere and Aino went to look for her, and the both of them discover that a place to live has been provided for them. Currently, Aino is living in Buraza Town with Nekane.



Aino is slowly falling for Ante as he's already head over heels for her. Aino doesn't seem to realize that she has a crush because she is too busy being invested in Earth's culture.


Aino treats Kai like a friend but unfortunately, Kai despises Aino for various reasons. The first time they met, Kai had pulled Aino's bunny ears out of anger and jealousy. Aino sadly thought that Kai was playing a silly game. The main reason why Kai doesn't like Aino is because Aino is always around Nekane.


  • Aino may sound like a strange name in Japanese, but it's actually a Finnish name.