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Aisu has short faded hot pink hair tied into large pigtails. Her eyes are a magenta color. Her bust size is 0. She has a feminine build which is why she was able to successfully appear as a female student.


Aisu's persona is Heartless. If she witnesses murder in front other students, she will try to apprehend the player, but if she witnesses it alone then she will act like she saw nothing and won't call the police. However, she will only apprehend the player if a certain person is killed even if she is alone.




Aisu was bullied as a child for being so frail and feminine. She couldn't take it anymore and bought herself feminine clothing. Her parents died days before and so her aunt and uncle took her in. Fortunately, they forgot about her entire birth and just assumed that she was truly a girl. She is very good at programming and does it when she isn't sewing outfits for herself. Her best friend is Otoko Noko.


Tatsuo Yamakuro

Aisu views him as pervert and a creep. She would gladly kick him or punch him in the jaw. Or both!

Otoko Noko

Aisu is his best friend and Aisu will hurt anyone who harms Otoko.

Kaori Hokori

Aisu wants someone to bring Kaori off her high horse. He doesn't care what they do, but he hopes it something that lowers her reputation by everyone thinking she is perverted.

Yuuto Hashimizu

Aisu has some feelings for him, but hates that Yuuto hangs out with Kaori. Aisu hopes that she can at least makeout with him on the bed.


The topics to the right are labeled as: Positive, Negative, or Neutral.


"H-hi. There is actually something I need! Could you buy me some panties. Don't ask why! I'm just out of money right now and my parents won't help me..."- Task

"Ugh.. I see you are useless so begone."- Rejecting task

"Really!? Thank you!"- Accepting task

"Thank you so much!...I could never have gotten this on my own..."- Completing task


  • Her name means "ice cream" which is ironic due to his kind of snappy behavior (ice cream is sweet but she is not).
  • She has the girly walk animation.
  • If she were added into the game, her gender would have to be female or else she would wear the male uniform.


Thecharisktrashbin- Eyes

CrabbyMeal- Hair

MegamSaikou- Roses