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Aito Enomoto is a second year student attending Akademi High.


Aito has green hair with bangs swept to the left side of his head with big red eyes. He wears the default uniform. He has slim eyebrows and a tiny, turned-up nose. He is short, only standing at 4 feet 11 inches. He has fair skin and almost always wears white gloves.


Aito is a Coward. If he sees a murder, he will plead for the murderer to spare his life, and he escape and not call the police. He will hide his face if a camera is near him.

Other than this, he is very sweet and charming, always devoted to doing the right thing, as long as he's safe. He's very modest and humble, not seeing himself as too great, and not talking about his achievements unless asked about them. However, he can be cowardly, and he is unable to sense the atmosphere or other people's emotion. He is also verbose, speaking more words than he needs to, which often annoys people. He has a passion for gardening.


Aito was born in Nagasaki at 6:33:41 PM. He had to stay in the hospital longer than most other babies would, due to a heart murmur. As soon as that was over, he was pretty normal. No pets, no computers, just him, his parents, and his bad habit of never wanting to wake up. He got his act together in high school, though. This was about the time he got seriously into gardening and raising crops.



Akise Akiyasu: The two are cousins and Akise is Aito's only friend.

Sakura Akino: Aito and Sakura, while not exactly friends, don't hate each other. Aito once asked Sakura how to deal with bullies, and she told him she would take care of it.


Aidoru Aburaya: Aidoru was Aito's arch-nemesis.


  • Aito's ancestors came from Hashima Island.
  • Aito is in Classroom 2–1.
  • Aito can fluently speak English. His favorite song is Secrets of Wysteria by Steampianist.
  • He has been gardening since he was four.
  • Nobody knows why Aito hasn't joined the Gardening Club-not even Aito himself.
  • Aito's favorite crops to grow are potatoes and tomatoes.
  • He wants a job as a gardener.
  • Aito puts his gloves in his locker during gym. One day a week at random, he will forget to lock his locker, so anyone can take them.
  • He was once approached by a member of the Gardening Club and asked to join, but he turned them down.