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This OC is created by Beta. Please ask permission before using this OC in any way.

Aito Fukui is a fanon student who attends Akademi High School. She is Betapekoyama's third OC.


Aito has short pale blue hair and dark purple-blue eyes. She often ties a black bow into her hair. She wears the default sailor fuku, unless chosen otherwise by the player, and has striped blue stockings. Her skin is pale. She has an identical twin, Aisho Fukui.

Outside of school, she usually wears a skirt and a long shirt, or tights with a tank top.


Aito is perky and excitable, and often is the center of attention. She loves joking with her friends and pulling pranks on other students or teachers. She can be very flirty with other girls, though she will stop if they're uncomfortable with it or straight. Aito occasionally shows some signs of a hidden anxious personality. However, she tries to keep this well hidden. This trait only comes out in low or zero school atmosphere. She can be described as a 'girly-girl', though she is not vain or rude despite the stereotype.

In-game, she mostly acts like a regular Social Butterfly. She will pose cutely if a camera is pointed at her. If she witnesses murder, she will run to a heavily populated area and call the police. If her sister dies, she will automatically revert to her zero school atmosphere state. She will also sit in the courtyard and mourn during lunch. Aisho's ghost will also follow her, though only visible in photographs. If the player tries to kill Aito then, Aisho will become visible and they will enter a struggle minigame with her. During this fight, Aito will run to a group of people like she does normally when witnessing murder, but will not call the police in fear of being called crazy. After Aisho's ghost is beaten, she will become unprotected again. If her sister is killed but she is left alive, she will stop coming to school after the week ends. If Aisho is killed in front of her, she will fight the player with maximum strength.





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  • Aisho Fukui - Aito thinks Aisho is too quiet, and often pranks her, though they do love each other.



  • She loves pranking others.
  • She enjoys shopping and hanging out at the mall.


  • She is in Classroom 1-1.
  • She got 16 points on the Yandere Simulator Mary Sue Litmus Test.
  • Her theme is Ai Catch by GOATBED.




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