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Akane Toriyasu is a canon student in Yandere Simulator.


Akane has long, scarlet red hair that is swept over her right shoulder. Her hair is also parted in the middle with a small orange feather clip on the left. Although her eyes are closed most of the time, if opened, they are orange and yellow. She wears the Student Council uniform regardless of customization. Akane also wears lacy white thigh-high stockings with a rose pattern and garter belts. She has a large bust size of 1.5.


Akane is Dangerous. If Ayano gets too close to her, she will push her away... with a graceful spin. If she sees her with a corpse, she will chase her and pepper spray her, restraining her and causing expulsion and an arrest.

Although Akane appears ditzy and air-headed, she has never failed at her duties. Due to her beautiful looks and charming personality, she has many male, and a few female admirers. If she were to break up a fight between two students, she would simply stand there and ask them what they're doing. Since nobody would want to embarrass themselves in front of Akane, the two students would stop fighting.

There are rumors that her sweet personality is all a facade, but these rumors have not been confirmed.


Unlike other students, Akane, along with the other Student Council members, does not change her shoes. Instead, the exits the Student Council room first thing in the morning and patrols every club room, excluding the Gaming Club. She does not each lunch, but patrols the clubrooms like she does in the morning. During cleaning time, she will patrol the clubrooms. After school, she will return to the Student Council room and sit with the others for the rest of the day. On Fridays at 3:30pm, Akane, the other Student Council members, and club leaders will have a meeting.


  • Her first name, "Akane," is from the Japanese word "aka," meaning "red." And her surname, Toriyasu, comes from the Japanese word "tori," which translates to "bird."
  • She was inspired by the four Chinese myths; the turtle, the dragon, the tiger, and the bird. Akane is the bird.
  • When she gets to the Info Club, she does not go inside the room but instead stands outside.
  • Apparently, her eyes aren't always closed, but instead, they are very small.
  • She will accept food from all Cooking Club members, except for Ayano if she is in the club.
  • When she discovers a corpse, she will open her eyes wide, revealing her orange eyes.
  • She would be a ballet instructor if she had a job.
  • Akane loves scones!
  • YandereDev might change her name to Akatori Kubota.