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This OC was created by Shanimever.


Akane is attending school at Akademi High. She is 18 yrs old and is from class 2–1. She is from the Cheerleading Club. Akane used to be called by her nickname "Aka-chan". She is a Himedere, meaning she acts like a princess, is also spoiled unlike her twin brother Naoki Yuu. She used to be bullied by the students that didn't like her.



Akane has brown hair and chestnut eyes, with red highlights in her hair, and fair skin. She sometimes wears Uniform #1 and sometimes Uniform #2. She additionally wears long, thigh-length black socks.

Club Uniform

Akane wears a crop top-like uniform and a skirt. She also wears white socks and rubber shoes.


Aka-chan is actually a spoiled brat and a mean girl. She en tho she bullies some students that back stabs her friends and the girls she doesn't like. However, even her personality is like that when she saw some people bullying an innocent student, well she will be on his/her side like what she did with Miyuki.

Background Story