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Akari has blonde hair with a hot pink ombre. She wears two small buns on top of her head, has curly hair and bangs. She has green eyes and pale skin. She wears a white, blue, and pink uniform with blue stockings.


She is the rebel type in which she doesn't follow the rules or doesn't care what people say. She is also moody and is rude most of the time but on the inside she actually does care and just doesn't listen so she looks tough. She doesn't show any signs of weakness, well tries. She is also a tsundere at some point. Good things about her are that she will respect those who respect her. She will only show her nice side to people she really cares about like close friends and family.


When she was in high school she was being bullied by a bunch of girls. The reason was because when she was 16 she was a lot nicer to people and actually showed care to the world. She always tried to please people. She was also pretty soft as in many MANY things scared her. These girls decided to pick on her for the fun of it. Akari was greatly affected by this and cried every night. She never told people what was going on with her so no one knew how she truly felt. One day her parents told her they had to move for business stuff going on. Akari was happy because she felt like this was a new start in which she could change and no one would know her soft side, meaning no one would make fun of her anymore or mess with her. So when she went to school she decided to be the rebel, the one who was mean to everyone, the one who showed no care in the world. She literally became the opposite of her true self to avoid being hurt yet again.