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Aki Otani (秋大谷) is a student at Akademi High.


Aki has natural chocolate brown colored hair with vibrant periwinkle blue colored eyes. Her hair is naturally wavy and is usually untamed. The brunette has frankly pale skin and has a natural light pink blush on her cheeks. Aki has multiple scars that adorn her body for physical abuse from her mother, who happens to be an alcoholic.

Her mother cut her hair short using a pair of scissors while she was drunk, leaving Aki with an uneven hair length and little to no bangs. her hair is very untamed and is now dyed a dirty brown color and she wears a pair of white gloves to cover the bruises and red marks on her hands from her mother. She is now currently residing with her foster dad, who has recommended that she wear a hospital mask as she has been becoming severely ill due to all the smoke she has inhales thanks to her mother.

Aki wears a pair of thigh high stockings and brown colored shoes. Aki is rather short for her age, coming up at four feet and eleven inches. Aki has become quite a germaphobe and during week four, she will begin to come to school wearing uniform two and full stockings, as she is afraid to get any illnesses. She believes that all the deaths are from an illness. she will have Dettol hand sanitizer clipped to her skirt so she can use it any time.

During week six, she will cut her hair in a boy sort of hair style as she is afraid of catching lice from other students after hearing that a student was stabbed in the head.


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