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This OC is owned by the user KorniiJoke. Ask her for permission before using this OC!


Aki has blond hair at an average length, cyan eyes, no bust, and an average skin tone. Aki wears the default uniform unless customized by the player.


Aki is a friendly person who gets annoyed easily when someone doesn't understand her or when she's having problems with a computer. She will also make lewd jokes around her friends. Upon witnessing murder Aki will act like a loner or coward depending on the school's atmosphere. If you aim a camera at Aki and you are not her friend she will act confused then walk away. If you aim a camera at her and you have become her friend she will do a cute pose.


Aki's task is to help her with a mod she installed on a game. download the game on the computer then download the mod she wrote down on a note. After you've done so, to complete her task, you must tell her whether the mod was the problem or it was her computer.


"Could you help me... with this mod I had on this game called Waifu Simulator 2017...?...Please don't judge the name..."

- Aki's Task

"O-oh you will..? Thanks! Here! I wrote down the mod name and the website I downloaded it from it might help..!"

-Accepting her task


-Declining her task

"Oh. Uhh... Thanks, I guess....."

-Complimenting Aki

"Do you like me or something...?"

-Complimenting Aki too much


  • This OC was based on YangireChibi herself.