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Akira Ichikawa is a 3rd year student at Akademi High School.


Akira is a deaf girl, so it is difficult for her to talk with people who don't know sign language. Anyway, she always trying to be friendly to other people despite her problems. She talks with her classmates by writing words in her notebook and showing them.


Akira has got brown curly hair and blue eyes. Her pupils are the same color as iris, so some people think that Akira is blind. With 1st uniform she wears black stockings and a sweater. Her hearing aid is the same color as her skin.


Akira is very friendly to people. She always tries to make friends with new students and help them, but sometimes people think that she is weird because of her hearing problems. But despite her friendly personality, Akira prefers to stay alone. She always sits at a rooftop and reads a book like Kuu Dere.


Akira is a loner. She doesn't like to be the center of attention. She will cover her face with hands if Ayano tries to take the photo of her. If she witnesses a murder she will run out of the school and ask someone to call the police.


  • Sometimes instead of the feminine "watashi" she uses masculine "ore", so some people may not understand her.