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Alastor is Dimir's first joke OC.

I haven't been this entertained since the stock market crash of 1929!
— Alastor


Alastor is tall and very thin, has grey skin, sharp yellowed teeth, and short red and black tufts of hair/fur resembling deer ears. He has two small black antlers, which can grow in his demonic form. He has red in his sclera and a brighter red for the iris of the eyes, his pupils are black which can change into radio dials in his Radio Demon form. He always keeps a wide smile on his face. Alastor wears a bright red dress shirt with two black marks that cross each other, underneath a pinstriped dark red coat along with burgundy dress pants, bow tie with a bright red knot, and black shoes. He has a black oval-shaped monocle over his right eye, he also wears burgundy gloves with bright red marks showing where his nails and knuckles are. He carries a cane with a vintage style microphone attached to it.


Alastor's behavior, mannerisms, and even his voice are similar to an old-fashioned radio announcer. As a result, he is always smiling and acts polite. The reason he never stops smiling is that he believes it shows power and dominance. If a rival were to frown then he would see them as weak.[2] He is said to be narcissistic, not seeing many people quite up to his level. However, that does not make him reckless, as it's been said that despite being extremely powerful, Alastor is fully aware that there are other demons and entities that rival him in terms of power, as such he is wary around such demons for they could potentially harm him if he is not careful. He also seems to have a moral compass, but it's "not normal". Alastor has been noted to be quite sadistic and to have masochistic tendencies.


Alastor is a former radio host and southern serial killer. He is from New Orleans, Louisiana. he lived during the early 20th century, having witnessed the Stock Market Crash of 1929. He died in 1933.


  • Jack Zukami
    • Alastor is always trying to get Jack to tap into his violent side.
  • Takuto Mikachi
    • He is always filling Takuto's locker up with drugs every morning to keep him high.
  • Haru Doi
    • Same thing with Takuto, but with pictures of his crushes.
  • Desmond Blake
    • He doesn't entirely believe their band will work, but he works as the manager for unknown reasons.
  • Kaira Temoji
    • He follows her around and tends to talk her into bad habits.
  • Ayaka Hisashi
    • Alastor keeps stealing her notebooks.


  • He was made because Dimir felt like making a joke OC and loves Hazbin Hotel.
  • If anyone wants to add to his relationships with their own OCs, please do.