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He is a 16-year-old male with white hair, and blue eyes. He wears the default uniform for boys but it's unbuttoned revealing his shirt and his dog tag.

He is 6'2 making him quite tall, He is light-skinned and is usually seen wearing a surgical face mask.


He is a really skilled Chemistry student despite him being very unruly! He knows how to craft explosives, poisons and acids in the lab and in his kitchen counter. All for the sake of fun!

Since he is a transfer student from the Chechenya he sometimes randomly breaks into Russian while speaking, He does this when he does not know how to say a word in English.

He is foul-mouthed sometimes. But he is kind and caring always trying to help students and he is also athletic.

He is a die-hard rebel, He prefers to live a life by his own term he does not like to be judged by that. He is also an Anti-War activist.


Before he was born His father was a Japanese journalist who fell in love with a shop owner in Checnenya. During that time there was an insurgency so he spent his early childhood in Chechnya, Made a few friends then and there he really enjoyed school.

But he was a victim to the Chechen wars. His father could not leave since he has an assignment to report the war they could not escape the conflict, There were times he and his mother had to sleep in the bathtub so they won't get killed by the barrage of bullets that were being exchanged from each side.

Eventually, he grew used to it and by the age of 14 they moved to Japan. At first, he had trouble adjusting to the new life there since the cultures are different, He is currently a student in Akademi High School. 

He was a trouble maker always looking for fun. He is known to detonate explosives in the woods only for police to be called, He also nearly killed himself once with fulminated mercury! He also once stole chemicals in the lab. Giving him quite a bad reputation. But he was still accepted in the science club, Because of this, he has atoned for his crazy behavior putting him on a better reputation than before.


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  • His first name Alexander is a nod to Alexander Fleming, The dude who discovered Penicillin.
  • His last name Djajic....Its best you don't ask.
  • He enjoys the song 'Ride of the Valkeries by Wagner'
  • He is a fan of GATE