Yandere Simulator Fanon Wikia

Alternate-chan (name not final) is the Protagonist in this mod.


Alternate-chan has brightly colored cyan hair and cyan eyes. She wears the default uniform, and she also has teal knee high stockings and grey shoes.


Alternate-chan's personality is all up to the character. By default, she is a murderer disguised as a cute and girly student. She is completely normal around other students, except for rivals and her senpai. 


She has 2 relationships, both one-sided. Whenever she is around her senpai, her world turns pink and loses track of anything else that is going on. Near her rivals, she gets very angry and can only think of ways to harm them.

Relationship #1 - Atta Bakari

One day while stalking her senpai, she noticed this girl walking to class with him. When she saw that she was talking to him, she was dead to her from that day on.

Relationship #2 - Alternate-senpai

Alternate-chan was running around the exterior of the school, trying to find things to do, when she bumped into alternate-senpai. Alternate-chan just stood there, gazing creepily at him, until he asked if she was okay. Alternate-chan ran off with embarassment, but she knew he was the one.



  • In her original kisekae image, she was doing the same pose as Rival-chan/Raibaru Fumestu in her image.
  • She is based off Mujitsu Monsuta from Gurin's JSON Mod.
  • In the future, her color scheme will be teal and purple.