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Amai has short brown hair that she styles into a bun. She has one green eye she covers with a bandage, and one brown eye. Her skin is tanned.

She wears the Cooking Club accessory along with the uniform the school provides.

Amai is considered curvy by most students, being pretty chubby. Her uniform is the default one, however it looks to be too small for her. She wears thigh-high mint stockings


Aina has the Kind persona. If a student is attacked in front of her, she will attempt to revive the student. If a camera is aimed at her, she will smile sweetly


Amai, at first glance, is a sweet girl with the best intentions for everyone around her. She also tends to be very maternal to most people- which gives her popularity at school.

What most people don't know about her, is that she's doing this intentionally. Most people brush it off as her personality, but Amai has actually carved out this perfect personality of who she wants to be, and who she thinks others will like.



  • Yui Yamamoto

Amai is friends with her. Aina often tries to comfort Yui when she's being bullied by Saki.

  • Mei Mio

Amai likes her. She often meets up with Mei to chat about life, books and other topics.

  • Koharu Hironaka

Amai is friends with her. Aina trusts Koharu.

Amai loves Hanako with all her heart. However, Hanako is a bit clingy to Amai. Hanako is one of the select few who knows Amai's true personality. Hanako thinks her facade is a bit too much, but she hasn't said anything.

Amai is friends with him, being his little sister's girlfriend after all

  • Midori Gurin

Amai often tries to answer some of Midori's questions and is patient with her.


Amai has mixed feelings on Kokona- she often sees Kokona bullying others, but also sees her being kinder. Overall, she is kind to her because she doesn't like to judge a book by it's cover.


  • Saki Kiyabu

Aina thinks she's full of herself and hates how she bullies others. Aina tries to tolerate her.

  • Makiko Higashi

Aina dislikes how perverted Makiko is. She still is kind to her, though.


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  • Amai has a sweet tooth