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Amao Odayaka is the replacement for Amai Odayaka in the Male Rival Introduction video released on April Fool's Day of 2017. He is non-canon, and will only appear in the video.


Amao has short brown hair in which he wears a mint green headdress. He wears the third male uniform with a mint green apron covering it. He wears the armband of leadership due to being the Cooking Club leader.


  • Ayano Aishi: It can be assumed that he may have a small crush on Ayano, as seen in his second panel in the male introduction video.
  • Taro Yamada: It's unknown if Amao has a crush on Taro Yamada in this universe, as he never mentions him in his lines.


Due to only appearing in the Male Rival Introduction Video, and being non-canon, Amao does not have a routine.


Oh! Perfect timing! Would you help me decorate this cheesecake? You are just the sweetest thing! I mean it! From the bottom of my heart!
— Amao in the "Male Rival Introduction Video"



  • Amao's art was created by Koumi-senpai.
  • Amao and the other male rivals are currently not intended to be added or be a stretch goal according to YandereDev's Reddit.
  • His name is the same as his female counterpart, but with an "o" at the end of his first name.