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Amashi #5 is an OC character created by the Wiki user Bubble-Blitz and is a non-canon character unless a female student PNG file and name is modified in game internal files.

She is a student at Akademi High School and part of the Amashi Group.


Amashi #5 is tall and white-skinned. She has long black hair with red highlights that cover her right eye and green eyes. She wears the default uniform #5 with grey boots and black socks. She wears blue moon earrings.


Being one of the Amashis, #5 is sometimes mean, rude and spoiled. But, most of the time, she is quiet, friendly and emotionless. She is the least talkative of the group and only talks when it is needed, she is mistaken as a gothic but don't care about this. She loves the occult and always study this.


Amashi Group

They are her best friends and closest confidents, they share all they secrets an goals and they know everything about each other.


They are friends, despite they barely talking each other and only staying silent when they are close. It's a confusing friendship, but they seems to accept it. Five personality is almost the same as Meep.


  • She and the Amashi Group are based on The Chanels of the TV Series Scream Queens. She is based on Chanel #3.
  • Her family name is Mizuki.