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Andrian Edwards is a former Akedemi Westside Ballas gang member and a former Akedemi High School Student.


Andrian has no hair & has brown eyes. He wears a white T-shirt, black jeans, black coat & purple bandana wrapped on his forehead.


Andrian would give an irritated look and bully you. If the player bumps into Andrian 5 times, the fighting minigame would occur, he will stop once the player has taken too much damage. When witnessing a murder, Andrian would attack the player via the fighting minigame. Andrian will relentlessly attack the player despite being in pain until the player dies. Once Andrian has been weakened, the player can kill Andrian with a weapon.


Ayano Aishi

He hates her because she snitched on him.

Ryoichi Inoue

Andrian killed him with a Glock G19 Semi-Pistol because Ryoichi thinks Andrian is a delinquent.

Other characters

He joined his gang members all night and sell drugs.


Andrian used to be a Cooking Club & Gardening club member. He shreads grasss & cook disgusting food for the Social Butterfly in their table.

Murder of Ryoichi Inoue

Andrian killed Ryoichi with a pistol because he was expelled. On the crime scene police investigate the two suspects. Later police found Andrian. Andrian was handcuffs and sentenced 10-years in prison.


  • Andrian likes to kill people in Akademi High School at midnight.
  • Andrian likes to do bad things in school clubs.