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School Outfit

Angie has short-medium hair, so everyday for school she makes her hairstyle with mostly pigtails. She doesn't wear anything else but expect the uniform. Bust size is 1.4. She wears Light Pink stockings, with white panties.

Party Outfit

Angie's party outfit. Sometimes it's fancy because, Angie's favorite clothing are the dresses, she loves black ones, and also wears makeup for the party, or a school dance, prom. The most part she likes is getting her hairstyle already. Since she loves different genres of the styles, sometimes she dresses as a diva. That's how she likes to call herself.

Casual Outfit

Angie's casual outfit, almost like freestyle. She likes wearing clothing that has rabbits, cats or foxes on it. She's really picky on them because she thinks that they may or not have fit her. Besides, her friend Haruna Mitsuko helps her with picking normal clothing.


Besides on Angie's behavior. She acts childish most of the time, but she improves her personallity by talking with her popular friends or singing at the Light Music.

If she notices a corpse of a student, And then sees Yandere-chan, she tells to spare her and she'll freak out silently. She'll not scream because she knows that the murder can hear her, then she'll run off and tell her friends, when that happens a few times, her behavior and her friend's will become a different, they'll be suspicious.

If she notices a corpse of one of her best friends, she'll be really shocked and mourn in the middle of the corpse for a few minutes, then she'll walk away sadly. And her reputation will drop to 19+.

If she sees you murdering one of her best friends, she'll go and approach you, and then apprehend you.

If she sees her secret crush's dead corpse somewhere, she'll cry silently and run away before the murderer sees her. Reputation drops to 15+.


Angie's well known as a quiet clumsy tsundere. She has feelings for her secret crush, but only her friends will know, if you befriend them and do them their secret favors, her friends will turn into rivals to Angie and they will tell Yandere-chan everything.

Sadly, if her crush is dead. Slowly, she'll become a yandere and find out who killed her crush. If she figures out it's Yandere-chan, she'll stalk her instead of hanging out with her friends, and when she sees you, she'll run as fast as she can to her house, calling the police. She'll be glad that the murderer will arrested and will live her life as she wanted to. Angie will ask a random student to follow her, she'll take them to a private room, and ask them what happened to her crush and who did it, if they don't know. Angie will kill them and hide their body. She currently calls that as wasting her time. She can improve killing by somebody to help her, and that somebody isn't out yet.


Haruna Mitsuko

Haruna seems to be the best friend of Angie Tsuki. She was murdered by Kirumi Akari. Killed by a kitchen knife.

Kirokawa Kira

Kira-sama is her second best friend, they hang out together. She helped her to kill Sayaka Saihara and frame Kirumi Akari.

Kirumi Akari

Angie and Kirumi are enemies and hate each other, Kirumi is from the band Heartbreak Empress While Angie has her Serene Musume/Maizono Hope.

Sayaka Saihara/Lisa Saihara

Sayaka is the leader of Heartbreak Empress. She tried stealing Haruna Mitsuko from Angie, then Angie killed Sayaka and framed Kirumi. Kirumi accepted it as her fate because she really hated the band and Sayaka, but if she ever left Sayaka would blackmail her.


Elementary School

When little ol' Angie was 12, Haruna was 13. They both were best friends at Elementary, sadly they had a rival that they hated a lot. That girl was Victoria Hirokawa. Victoria was really popular, she was really gossipy. Invited to every each party the school had, or her birthday. The boys will look at her, lock their eyes at her. Angie and Haruna really hated her. When Angie and Haruna washed their face and hands, they heard somebody, they had a feeling that Victoria's friends were coming to the bathroom. They knew it was Victoria and her friends, so they hid in the toilet and heard the conversation. They were gossiping about Angie, Haruna and a boy called Daichi Xander. They heard that they were gonna copy Angie and Haruna, by their looks behaivor and everything else. They were shocked and tried to be silent, when the girls left, Angie and Haruna were scared and they started thinking of a plan. Sadly, the plan involved killing, Angie in her mind was really scared to do that, but she had to agree. That's the only way they could get rid of Victoria and her friends. Each day, they planned everything, but they were lucky because, they got away from murder, Haruna was happy and so was Angie, but she thought that we could frame her instead, but it was too late..

High School



Angie really needed her diary that was lost somewhere in the school, Angie claims that one of Victoria's friends hid somewhere her diary.

Located - 3rd Floor Bathroom, in Angie's bag that was hid somewhere. If you find it and give it to her, she'll be really happy and will accept Yandere-chan as her friend.


Before School

Angie and Haruna go to the same school together, Angie practices singing in the Light Music Club, but then goes to the fountain to relax and think, that's when she comes early.

Class Time

Angie is doing her work, trying to focus in the school class subject. Sometimes, Haruna passes her notes while the teacher isn't looking back, they think a meeting for together.

Lunch Time

Angie is alone and goes to eat her lunch, when she forgets her lunch she asks some from Haruna's. Or when Haruna is sick and Angie is alone, she forgot her lunch. She'll sit in a bench, reading her book. She has less food.

Class Time

Angie is doing her work, trying to focus in the school class subject. Sometimes, Haruna passes her notes while the teacher isn't looking back, they think a meeting for together.

Cleaning Time

Angie and Haruna will clean a bit, and then go to the rooftop to relax or to take a break.

After School

Haruna leaves early when it's After School, so Angie is alone. She practices singing or eats, then she leaves.


Thanks alot! I really accept it.
— Being Complemented
Okay, i'll do it.
— Being asked to do a favor.
It's kinda.. private.. my diary is missing somewhere inside the school, c-can you find it for me?
— Asked for a task
Thanks, please find it..
— Accepting task
Oh, i-i'm sorry for wasting your time..
— declining task
Oh my god! Stay away from me!
— Witnessing murder
Stop right now! Leave Haruna alone!
— Witnessing Haruna's death
Oh no.. there is a murderer in the loose.. I-i hope i am okay..
— Witnessing a corpse
No.. Haruna.. no..
— Witnessing Haruna's corpse
Seriously? I guess i have some time so i could wash myself..
— Having water/blood/gasoline dumped onto her
Hi, Kirokawa! How is it going? Oh.. you're going to Akademi in a few days.. I-it's okay.. just there's a murderer somewhere.. so i beg you to be careful, thank you bye..
— Having a phone call with Kirokawa, and when Yandere-chan doesn't stalk her.
Oh man.. i really wish there wasn't any school, i could go to the beach, rent a hotel.. I really love the summer.
— day dreaming about vacations.

Dere Stats

  • Tsundere:40%
  • Yandere:20%
  • Kuudere:10%
  • Dandere:0%
  • Himedere:0%
  • Deredere:10%


Note: Angie isn't a rival, cause' she has a crush on somebody else. So these methods are useless.