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Aoi Ryugoku is a female student attending Akademi High in Yandere Simulator.


Aoi has short, blue hair with two strands that reach her shoulders. Her bangs are parted to the side. Her remaining eye is teal. She wears the Student Council uniform and an armband of leadership with Japanese symbols on it. She also wears black thigh-high stockings with a white stripe on each side and a black eyepatch with a dragon symbol over her left eye.

She has poor posture that is reflected in her walking animation.


Aoi is Dangerous. If Ayano gets too close to her, she will push her away. If she sees her her attempting to dispose of a corpse or witnesses her commit murder, she will chase her and pepper spray her. She will then restrain her, causing an expulsion as well as an arrest.

Aoi is known to be tough, intimidating, and powerful. She often uses physical intimidation to enforce school rules.


Unlike other students, Aoi, along with the other Student Council members, does not change her shoes. Instead, the exits the Student Council room first thing in the morning and patrols the school. Her patrol consists of waiting at each corner point, on each floor, in turn. She does not each lunch. During cleaning time, she will patrol each corner. After school, she will return to the Student Council room and sit with the her fellow Student Council members for the rest of the day. On Fridays at 3:30pm, the entire Student Council, including Aoi, and club leaders will have a meeting.


  • When translated from Japanese to English, her name literally means "blue dragon".
  • Unlike the Occult Club members, Aoi is the only student in school who is confirmed to be missing an eye. Megami could possibly have something to do with this.
  • She is the first student to have a confirmed missing eye out of the students who cover their eyes. This can be revealed by using Pose Mode to remove her eyepatch.
  • The delinquents dislike and distrust her.
  • If she weren't in the Student Council, she would either be a member of the Martial Arts Club or be a loner.
  • She is Yandere Dev's favorite Student Council member.
  • Yandere Dev has written out in Reddit a situation where she defeats most of the Martial Arts Club members before being defeated by Budo Masuta.