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Aoimi has a tan on her skin, and she has faint green eyes. Her hair is brown, and a bit messy in the back. Most of her hair goes down halfway down her back. She sometimes wears dark green glasses, but rarely. She is considerably short.


Aoimi is very laid back and calm in most situations. She is also very lazy. Her favorite activity is doing digital art, and is rarely seen without an iPad, Tablet or Laptop of some sort. Aoimi spends the time she isn't drawing on a website known as Wikia. She is very good at playing certain instruments, and is a fluent French speaker.


Not done yet lol


  • A more feminine version of Aoi
  • Self Insert (sort of? i don't look like her...)
  • I'm using the female pronoun set because that's the pronoun set she uses most often.
  • Definitely loves Memes
  • Dead Inside