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Arata Yamasaki is the father of Tomiko Yamasaki, Miyako Yamasaki & Mari Yamasaki.


Arata has no hair but he has faded blue eyes with glasses. He wears a black suit with a blue tie.


Arata will have normal behavior similar to the Social Butterfly persona, but instead of talking next to the fountain he will go to public campus area to read a book.

Upon seeing the player carrying a weapon, Arata will act suspicious and act like any other student would in that situation.

If Arata see the player committing murder, he will act shocked but will eventually do the "Evil" pose and ask Arata if he would like help. At this point, it is possible to attempt to kill him, but it is also possible to say yes and let him. After a minute or two in-game of following the player around, Arata will excuse themselves to "go to the bathroom". But instead of doing that, Arata will either promptly escape the public campus and call the police OR, if Arata in the other public campus, will apprehend the player from behind and start the normal minigame for apprehending the murderer.

If you point the camera at Arata, he will act annoyed and acting like he's gonna bully you.


Yasu Saitou

She's the wife of him.

Mari, Tomiko & Miyako Yamasaki

They are daughters with them.


Arata goes to High School his social class which is Computers. He met Ryoba Aishi in 1980. In 1982 He graduated from Akademi High School. His graduation gift is a 1982 Audi Quattro which his first car. In 2006 he got rid of his old Audi and traded in for a Nissan X-Trail.


On July 26, 2018 Arata was killed by a grenade which made Arata roll over when his car catches fire. In Hospital Arata was pronounce dead in the hospital. A suspect Demetrius Bryant who cause the explosion of the suv. Demetrius is arrested but on the crime scene on school Police & Fire Departments put out the fire on the suv. The suv is towed and placed in the junkyard. On August 2, 2018 Ryoba Aishi, her daughter Ayano Aishi, Asuka Aishi & her son Ryouichi Aishi also his daughters Tomiko Yamasaki, Mari Yamasaki & Miyako Yamasaki attend the funeral of Arata Yamasaki. On August 5, 2018 Arata was a place of burial is in Japanese Cemetery Park.


  • Arata works at the HQ office.
  • He watches TV while reading a magazine.