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Arie has neat long brown hair, cyan eyes, and a white flower in her hair, and light skin. She wears her school uniform, as all the other students will wear at akademi. She also wears loose socks as well.


Arie has the spiteful social persona. If she witnesses murder or sees a corpse of someone she hates, she won't care. But, if you kill someone she feels neutral about then she will run in a crowded area. If you aim a camera at her face, she will make a cute pose.

If amai odayaka is murdered in front of her, she will apprehend you. If she finds amai's dead body, she will break from her normal routine and mourn her best friend's death.


Arie is sweet and kind to others, if she hates them, she will pretend to like them but hate them in secret. She hates the bullies and think they deserve death, but will not care if they bully someone she hates and actually thank them.

Her reputation is +80, therefore a popular student. Many students have a crush on her, some even ask her out. She politely says no, and for whatever reason, nobody ever seems sad when she rejects them.


Arie really cares for Amai, and would do even the most embarrasing things for her. They are best friends and trust eachother.



  • Arie's name was decided because her zodiac sign is aries.

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