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Aryiku Mafu, is one of the non-canon female students that attend Akademi High.



Aryiku has two twin-tails that 'mostly pink but purple' that reaches her waist. She has bangs as well.

She wears the Sailor moon uniform and has purple to 'whitened' stockings.

She wears gold earrings and has a purple scrunchie on the left of her head.




Aryiku uses the Spiteful persona, she despises anyone who she hates. If the camera is pointed at her she will hide her face angrily, if she discovers a corpse she does not hate, she will alert Robotic Nemesis, then they both will run out of school in fear. If she witnesses the murder of a person she doesn't hate, she will quickly alert Robotic Nemesis to take out the culprit. If she witnesses the corpse of someone she hates, she will be surprised and leave it alone, if she witnesses the murder of someone she hates, she will praise the culprit and not tell anyone about what happened.


Aryiku is rotten spoiled, sassy, jealous, annoying, and irritating to everything at school, she acted like this towards everyone constantly ever since her fourth grade of school.

Robotic Nemesis does not also approve of her behavior but is forced to still protect her at all costs.


In Aryiku's third grade of school, she was bullied, she had only one solution to her problems, acting annoying she did this for several years and she enjoyed it cause some people praised her actions around the school.

In her first year of Akademi, she kept acting like this but not for long, she started getting bullied back then this lead to harm.

After these events, she cried to her parents a lot to 'make' a solution. Her father is an inventor of many things, he had created a Robot to assist her, Aryiku was not happy with this so she demanded to make it so that the robot can come to school with her to protect her from bullies.

A few days later she brought the Robot at school, her bullies laughed at this, the robot had extremely powerful abilities. The robot single-handedly fought off her bullies. Aryiku brings the Robot to school every day.


She met a boy at school, Hazu Kashibuchi. Aryiku was seriously obsessed with him and wanted an immediate relationship with him. One day this was nearly destroyed because another girl, Sasha Nyuki is developing feelings for him as well. Aryiku demanded her Robot to 'put her in hospital'.



Aryiku stays with her at all costs.

Sasha Nyuki

Aryiku despises her and wants her dead.


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    • "Likeee..... whatttt? that's quite awful what shame!" - When the player attempts to get her into gossip at an average reputation.
    • What?! Liars uhhhh you're wasting my time!” - When the player attempts to get her into gossip at a low reputation
    • Exposssssseedddddd!!!! Text me anything else! okay?” - When the player attempts to get her into gossip at a high reputation
    • “Excuse me?” - When the player attempts to get her into gossip about Hazu Kashibuchi
    • ”Thanks! Gladly” - Complimenting her at an average reputation
    • ”I don't care go away!” - Complimenting her at a low reputation
    • “Thank you my pretty! Anytime!“ - Complimenting her at a high reputation
    • ”Oh my gosh! Is that....HAHA! Deserved!” - When she discovers a corpse of a person she hates
    • ”Woah! That was outstanding! Do it again one time alright?!” - When she witnesses the murder of someone she hates.
    • “Ughhh well you know that girl.....like she's stupid! Tell me what she's doing right now! possibly being a creep! uhhhh, I'm asking cause I'm not in the mood okay?" - Her Task
    • “Good my pretty! I will be waiting!” - Accepting her task
    • SERIOUSLY? I was trying to at least be nice! go away!" - Declining her task
    • "THINK IM BLIND WHAT'S WRONG, YOU SHOULD BE IN PRISON! don't go near me okay?" - Talking to the next day if she witnessed a murder.