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Asahi is a first-year student attending Akademi High School.Template:Extremely Detailed Infobox


Asahi has messy cyan hair and matching shiny eyes. He wears the default uniform (modified to fit him and his brother), and black shoes with ankle-high socks, so that they aren't visible. He is considered highly attractive.


Asahi has the Loner persona. He won't pose in front of a camera, and he will run and home and call the police if he witness a murder.

Asahi is bold, brash, and slightly arrogant. He will sass back at anyone who crosses him, and he often doesn't listen to anything anyone else has to say. He isn't very good at emphasizing with others. His moods do not change easily. He is scared of rejection and being forgotten. He is secretive and sneaky.


Asahi and Fumihiro were born at 1:23:45 AM on January 1st. They were born conjoined at the hip. Due to this, their parents were very overprotective, and would not let them go anywhere alone, save for school.

They lived in a rich family, and they would switch school districts when they graduated from elementary to middle school and stuff. Their mom chose Akademi High as their high school.


Imari Byakuya: Imari often bullies them mercilessly.

Sakura Akino: Asahi has a crush on her.

Fumihiro Takahashi: His twin.


  • He is conjoined to his brother, Fumihiro.
  • They share vital organs.
  • He is in Classroom 1-1, and, as such, a first year.