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Ashikaga Yoshinori is made by Lovely, but it's owned by Tea Ma'am.


Ashikaga has short black hair with an ahoge and purple eyes. He has a dark uniform and has a white mask over his mouth. A chunk of his hair covers his left eye.


Ashikaga can be a very grumpy person for an unknown reason. He most of the time hangs out with Arekkusu. They spend so much time together that they could be shipped. He met Arekkusu in 4th grade. He also meditates when he's upset. He can be a complete dick just to prove something. Like kissing your crush or even making love with them. He could even lock you in a port-a-potty. (is that how you spell it?)


Arekkusu Pota

As said in the before Ashikaga and Arekkusu are best friends. Ashikaga really likes Arekkusu....or mabe even more.

Iori Nekomiya

He doesn't really like Iori. He is afraid that she and Arekkusu will get together and Ashikaga will be forgotten.

Yozakura Yoshinori

His younger brother. Sometimes Ash flicks Yozakura's forehead when he does something wrong. Sometimes Ash brings Yozakura along to join him and Arek.