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This is Dimir's version of Ayaka Hisashi.

Look dude, I don't know what else to tell you. Leave me alone!
— Ayaka hungry


Ayaka has dark brown hair that is twisted into a bun and thrown over her shoulder. Because she broke most of her hair brushes, she doesn't even bother doing it anymore. A quick hair tie and she's done. She is rather short and light in weight. She has big round nerdy glasses.

She weighs about 56 kgs in weight and is only 162 cm in height. Her bust size is a B cup. She is rather short compared to classmates. Her outfit at school is the normal uniform. When she's not at school she wears a ridiculous blue crop top and black pants with an obnoxiously large belt. She also likes to wear dark colored gloves.


Ayaka is a ditzy girl, but spends most of her time alone or stalking Takuto for some reason. When she's by herself she is kind of a bitch and doesn't really like people. Although Ayaka acts like a jerk at times, she is still the cowardly little girl who is fragile and weak inside, it pains her to be so mean to others but she believes that it is the only way for her to not be treated like dirt. When she is around Takuto, her mood swings completely and she's either a complete deredere or can keep it inside and act like a tsundere.

Later on she pulled almost a complete 180 when it came to her feelings. After the boyband fell out, Ayaka and Takuto went their separate ways and they both forgot about one another. She acts more cold and distant to most. She still attempts to flirt, but never gets anywhere.


In her early years, she was bullied for her short height and her high-pitched voice. She would often cry and hug her knees. Everyone seemed to be against her, but she was extremely dependent on those who didn't push he down or away. When she moved to Japan, things didn't get better for her. She quickly isolated herself from the rest of the students to avoid a repeat of her old school. She doesn't have many friends, and she assumes those who don't pick on her just want something from her. Takuto began talking to her and she is tried to figure out what he wanted from her. She ended up falling for him and now she just wants him. She even burned the bridge with Kaira, his at the time girlfriend, because Ayaka felt she didn't deserve him.


  • Kaira Temoji
    • They use to be friends in the previous years, but she saw her trash talking Takuto and Naya and told them. This resulted in them excluding Kaira. Their friendship ended on the spot.


  • She has a diary that she keeps losing. She keeps her biggest secrets in here.
  • She has Bipolar Disorder.