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Ayano Aishi is the main antagonist and currently one of the students that attend Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon and Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode. She is described as 'Yandere Queen of Criminal'.


Since early childhood, Ayano has suffered from an inexplicable, incurable condition. In short, this condition leaves her with a perpetual sense of being empty, hollow, and incomplete. Because of this, she was been unable to experience satisfaction, fulfillment, or happiness, and experience emotions in the same capacity as other people. As she grew older, she learned to pretend to be a normal person in order to avoid drawing negative attention from others, but was never able to feel any degree of empathy towards other human beings.

On the first day of her second year of high school, Ayano came into physical contact with "Senpai". In that moment, she gained the ability to experience everything that had been missing from her life; she felt complete, she felt fulfilled, she felt powerful emotions. Meeting Senpai was like seeing color for the first time, hearing music for the first time, and feeling warmth for the first time. In his presence, she felt overwhelmed with euphoria...but as soon as they were apart, the feelings of emptiness returned.

Within a very short span of time, she quickly became absolutely addicted to him, and came to rely on him in order to feel alive. Then, Ayano saw something horrible...something that terrified her and infuriated her at the same time. It was a young woman who clearly had deep feelings for Senpai. Ayano knew if Senpai enters a relationship with this girl, then she might lose him forever and permanently lose her chance to be complete herself.

Without a moment's hesitation, Ayano knew exactly what had to be done. This girl - her rivals - had to be eliminated as soon as possible, by any means necessary, no matter what the cost. But before thinking to kill them, however, she soon learns about the murder happened in 1980s that resulted the faculty staff to develop martial arts skills, student council being authorized to use pepper spray and caused its population to be paranoid. Ayano now knows everything would become difficult for her to go through her plans to be with Senpai if she chooses to stealthily murder the girls who will fall in love with him. So...she decides to do something non-lethal that could make them stay away from her Senpai.

Would she succeed her plans to be with Senpai? Or maybe not...


Ayano is somewhat emotionless as much like her mother, Ryoba. She is also shown to be murderous because she cannot allow anyone who would witness her committing a crime remain alive as she knows they would report her to the police to get arrested and doesn't care of hurting people (except for Info-chan, Kencho, her cousin "Yamara" and the people she fully trusts) and especially to those who seem to have interest in Senpai that would take him away from her but is also sometimes merciful to them but would leave them with a threat. She is very loyal to Info-chan and always goes with her ideas for her because she could clearly see that her skills would help her plans succeed. Ayano is also vengeful because she cannot tolerate anyone wronging or offending her.

During in her Evil Yandere form, she becomes more powerful, very aggressive and is quick to anger when anyone offends her. She is invincible while in this state due to the form gave her powers that drastically increased her physical strength, making her unstoppable for people who gets in her way.


Taro Yamada

Ayano had a crush on Senpai after she meets him and became obsessed with him, realizing he's the one who can complete her. Unlike her mother having his husband married to him with knowing her true nature, Ayano decides to win Senpai's heart without him discovering who she really is. Like her mother, Ayano didn't want to mind-break Senpai. However, that didn't last, when she accidentally had her true nature revealed by Senpai catching her killing a student, Senpai ultimately rejects her feelings, much to Ayano's shock. Heartbroken and betrayed, Ayano became vengeful and hatched up with evil plan and seeks Info-chan's help to end her enemies. She went to and attacked Akademi High. Senpai was very horrified of her actions and he tries to run away from her but he ends up being cornered by Ayano at the Japanese Garden. Senpai even tried to reason with Ayano what really her problem is but Ayano cuts him off saying that he ruined her chance to complete her. Ignoring his pleas, she brutally attacked Senpai as a revenge for rejecting her love for him. Before dying, Senpai says to Ayano that she will pay for what she has done to him and to everyone and school. Ayano aggressively glared at him and then finishes him off, finally ending his life.

One year later, the memory of Senpai rejected her hurt Ayano's feelings but tries her best not to think too much about it. She may be still angry over Senpai rejecting her so badly.


Ayano is best known to have been great allies with Info-chan. She was impressed on how she was able to get information from almost everyone and gathering items that Ayano would need on her situation. Ayano had been always agreeing with Info-chan's ideas on how get rid of those who seemed to have interest in Senpai/Taro Yamada because she knows her ideas would help her plans succeed.

The Yakuza

When Ayano first met the Yakuza at the alleyway in Buraza Town, he was uninterested of her at first and like he's just nothing to him, but Ayano doesn't really care. However, later at the fifth week, Ayano was unexpectedly witnessed by the Yakuza, dragging a couple of student's dead bodies and disposing them, outside the Akademi High. The blood on the floor was forgotten to be cleaned, which one of the teachers witnessed it and called the police. As the police were unable to connect Ayano to murder, the Yakuza was impressed to see her stealth skills like this and thinks she may be useful to her as for assassinating some people he may wanted to get rid of using stealth. Since he has a reputation of making problems disappear, he wants to make her an offer, but first, he would have a favor for Ayano. The Yakuza will mention to her that he has a younger brother that wanted to be like him and would need her to help out with his younger brother before he can do a favor for her. After that, using the Yakuza on making the problems disappear will be unlocked. Ayano would need $500 to use the Yakuza for disappearing the problems such as disposing dead bodies, unconscious victim as he would want to be paid of.

Shigeko Iguchi

Coming soon.

Hanako Yamada/Nemesis

Before Senpai's death, Ayano is unwilling to kill her, knowing that her death, like Osana, would also affect his sanity that could mind-break Senpai. Although, she still doesn't like Hanako.

Learning that Nemesis was upset about murdering her brother, Ayano likes mocking her and thinks she is too weak to stop her as she had abilities to defend herself.

Kencho Saikou

Ayano has a postive relationship with Kencho. She feels interested in him of his worthy skills. Almost like they never always argue each other.

Simon Nakoruru

Ayano is considered to be sworn rival of Simon Nakoruru since the massacre at Akademi High School. She thinks she apparently has killed everyone in Akademi High, but when she discovered that Simon and some few of his friends survived the accident, she was angry but is also impressed and decides to let them live for now. However, Ayano threatens him and his friends if she finds out that they got an information that would connect her murder, then she would end them.

Kiyoko Tatsuhara

Ayano knew that Kiyoko might have not been aware about her true self yet as Kiyoko showed a friendly behavior towards her after she accidentally bumped into her. She assumes the Student Council probably forgot to inform Kiyoko about having a dangerous person in Akademi. Because of this, Ayano took advantage of this, she decides to also keep deceiving Kiyoko as if she's innocent girl to avoid more troubles that threaten her to get exposed.

One year later, Kiyoko is not aware of Ayano being the culprit behind the massacre at Akademi High that killed her friends and everyone else. Kiyoko was suspicious at first when she unexpectedly see Ayano still alive (possibly had remembered her before back at Akademi High in 2020), but Ayano made an excuse about being a survivor from the incident. Kiyoko still continues to believe her lies.

Yamara Aishi

Coming soon.

Powers and abilities

Yandere Vision - Allows Ayano to detect people and the items through the walls and dark places.

Evil Yandere Form - For some unknown reasons, Ayano gained a power to transform herself into Evil Yandere Form. During this form, she has super strength and can carry heavy objects that makes her powerful.


So...you three are still alive, huh? I guess it must be your lucky day. I don't know you're able to escape my hell but I could have killed you all back then.
Heh. But actually no. I'm letting you guys live for now.
I think we've talked enough cause' I have something else to do right now. But I'm warning you, if I ever have my eye on any three of you trying to spread information to someone else about me, especially your friends, teachers, or whoever it is, I will stick my blade...on you.
— Ayano's antagonistic conversation with Simon, Saki and Kokona.
Yes, what is it?
What!? But how!?
Those cowards are probably just going to expose me. I should probably-
Fine, I guess.
— Ayano's conversation with Info-chan about Simon, Saki and Kokona.


  • If Ayano chooses to threaten the student for saying a bad thing about her (e.g. Witnessed her murder, bad reputation, etc.), she will aggressively pull their uniform with her fist aimed at them in rage and would angrily warn them that they better not mess with her. This causes them to not to respond rudely to her anymore if she attempts to talk to them again because they will become very afraid of her as they know that Ayano threatened their life if they dare to offend her or connect her to murder so they will reluctantly try to act nice with her.
  • Ayano is no longer obsessed of having a Senpai because she feels she's never going to have a boyfriend due to her true nature.
  • Simon, Saki or Kokona will not always report Ayano to police even if they witness her murdering students because she blackmailed them.


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