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Ayano Aishi is a student attending Akademi High School.


Ayano has thin, gray hair, which reaches down to around her breast level. Normally it's very messy as she doesn't bother to brush it, however for school she brushes it (although, she intentionally misses some areas) and keeps it in a tight ponytail that reaches to just below her shoulders. She also has a fringe on one side of her head, that she doesn't bother to cut often. Her eyes are the same dark and dull color as her hair.

Her skin is lighter than normal, and appears to be almost translucent. Her body shape resembles an 11 year old, despite her being very thin. This is a part of herself that she's insecure about and tries to hide with the use of large clothes

She wears Uniform 1, a navy and white uniform with a red knot, a matching navy skirt and black shoes. With the uniform, she wears black tights.


Prior to meeting Taro Yamada, Ayano was incapable of feeling anything. Nothing bothered her and nothing mattered to her. But after... her whole personality became positive. As long as Taro was happy, she was happy. Most students call her the 'kindest person you'll ever meet', and she tries to be as loving to everyone as she possibly can. It isn't that she cares about anyone that much, it's that she knows Taro could be impressed by this. She is an extrovert.

Ayano is courageous and will do anything to protect Taro. Her definition of 'protection' includes cleaning out what she sees as evil - anyone that loves him. The behavior she shows is similar to psychopathy, although she has never been diagnosed.


Ayano has the 'Devoted' persona. Rather than reacting to things like murder, this means she's the one doing it.


Taro Yamada - Ayano thinks she loves him, but it's more of a desire to be with someone and be protected by someone that would treat her well - he was the perfect candidate for that. The only emotion she can't feel is love. They have barely spoken to eachother and Taro views her as 'just another student'.