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Ayano Aishi is a female student who attends Akademi High School.


Ayano has charcoal grey hair tied up in a ponytail. Her eyes match her hair, and her bust size is 1. She wears black panties and thigh-high black stockings.


Ayano is Devoted. She will kill anyone and everyone for her crush, her Senpai. If anyone wins her Senpai's heart before she can confess, she will be heartbroken, and there is a chance that she will SNAP...

(ahem) Sorry about that. Anyway...

If Ayano witnesses a murder, she will congratulate the murderer and help to dispose of the evidence. If the murderer loves Senpai, Ayano will wait for them to dispose of the evidence of the murder they committed, then she will kill them and dispose of her evidence.

If she sees a corpse but no murderer, she will look for any evidence, make sure that there is nothing that links her to the crime, then continue going about her day.

If a camera is pointed at her face, she will act like a Heroic student.


Ayano has written a love letter to Senpai, but is too nervous to leave it in his locker. Wait until Senpai is occupied, slip the note in his locker, and report back to Ayano.

After accepting her task, Ayano will hand whoever asked for her task a love note. You must deposit it in Senpai's locker when he isn't looking.


Canon Characters

Taro Yamada - Her Senpai. She will do anything and everything for him.

Info-chan - Her ally. Ayano takes panty shots quite frequently for her, and thus Info-chan is more flexible with her services.

Mina Rai - Her best friend in the entire world. If anyone ever hurt Mina, she would murder them in the most brutal way possible. Mina is one of the only people Ayano wouldn't kill for Taro.

Budo Masuta - They are acquaintances. Ayano can't stand people that constantly insist they should date, because she only loves her Senpai (well, she insists she only loves him, but the truth is she has a small crush on Riku as well). Budo can't stand them, either.

Riku Soma - She is aware of his crush on her and would accept his feelings if Senpai rejected her. She hasn't set him up with Kokona, but still helps him study and gave him Kokona's dreamboat look.

Mai Waifu - Ayano absolutely despises her. Mai constantly whines to Ayano and Budo (sounding like a bratty four-year-old complaining about wanting ice cream for dinner) that they should date, and calls Taro a "weak little coward who can't even defend himself!". Seconds after she said that for the first time, the teacher had to put the ambulance on speed dial because Ayano had broken Mai's arm. Even after that Mai still hasn't taken the hint, and continues this behaviour. Ayano tends to avoid her nowadays.

Midori Gurin - Midori and Ayano are good friends.

Oka Ruto - Oka is Ayano's close friend. She doesn't know that Oka may have a crush on her, but she has noticed that Oka has been acrying a bit weird lately (wow, now that's what I call irony).


7:00am - Walk into school and change her shoes.

7:05am - Hangs out on the rooftop and reads manga with Midori and Oka.

8:00am - Tries to complete whatever she is doing, whether it be a task, an activity, or disposing of somebody's body, as quick as possible so she isn't late for class.

8:25am - Actually heads to class.

1:00pm - Leaves class and hangs out with Mina on the right bench near the east fountain.

1:30pm - Walks back to class with Mina.

3:30pm - Leaves class again and, once again, does random stuff.

6:00pm - Leaves school because they kick her out.


Likes: Cats. Violence. Senpai. Gossip. Art. Photography. Solitude. Cooking. Senpai.

Neutral: Everything else.


  • She has been described as "beautiful" by other boys and even some girls, which she found surprising and even flattering, because she always considered herself mundane and boring.
  • The only real rival she has is Mida Rana, because she is the only one who refused to give Senpai up. The other nine rivals reluctantly agreed to step out of Ayano's way.
  • She absolutely hates to admit it, but she has a few people she would choose as a new Senpai if Taro rejected her. These people are Oka Ruto, Study-kun B, and Riku Soma.
  • Mina is fully aware of her best friend's evil acts and is perfectly okay with them, as long as Ayano doesn't hurt any of her friends.
  • Unlike the canon, she can feel emotions like anyone else can. What?! A Yan-chan with emotions?! (illuminati music)
  • Her party outfit is based off of a Hatsune Miku Ponytail image that Kittygirl12 saw on Google Images while looking for ideas and currently can't get the link for. It will be added soon!