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Ayano Hanae is an OC created by WPMasterGangGang.


Ayano has dark faded purple drill twin-tails, dark purple eyes & light skin. She wears a black coat, white TWICE logo T-shirt, dark blue skinny jeans & pink high heels.


Ayano will send Phineas Bruce & Marcel Bruce to the guidance counsellor if they caught misbehaving. They will be reported of bullying by Teacher's Pets. If an Ayano sees Phineas & Marcel beating up a Faculty or Student Council, she will call the police and then guard the school until the police arrive. If Phineas & Marcel do inappropriate stuff to a female student in front of a teacher, they will track them and restrain Marcel & Phineas.


Daisaku Koizumi

Nonoka Hanae

Reina Hanae

Kiyomi Hanae

Daihachi Hanae


Ayano pinned Marcel to the ground and sent him to the Guidance Counselor office after he does inappropriate stuff to a female student.


At 7:35PM a purple & silver Isuzu Fargo Filly drove by and shoot Ayano & Daisaku but her children are not hurt. After the drive by shooting. The police guard the corpse of Ayano & Daisaku to found out they heard gunshots. Even though it wasn't Ayano Aishi. The police investigate on the security camera on Kiyomi Hanae's house and it was those two guys that were expelled from Akademi High School. The person was Phineas Bruce & Marcel Bruce.


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