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Ayeka Fujino

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Ayeka Fujino is a generous, purple haired, cyan eyed girl, who loves her friends and will support them till the end. She is a social butterfly who will help any student if they need help with a task or if a student needs help with a personal issue. Due to this she is very respected and well liked to the point where several people have fell in love with her. Even though she is really nice and generous she does fall out on taking care of herself, oftentimes neglecting to eat or letting people walk all over her. This can often lead to her going into a state of depression for days or even weeks on end. She is sometimes afraid of putting down requests or saying no to people because she has a terrible fear of letting others down. Ayeka can sometimes get angry about the rampant injustice going around the school because of the bullies, from this she is a little too quick to spring to action getting her hurt in the long run. Overall she is a good student who wants the best for people and the world.