• GreenSister

    Some progress.

    October 21, 2019 by GreenSister

    Here are some screenshots of v0.1, which is releasing on November 6th, 2019.

    Hello! GreenSister here. Here is what to expect from V0.1.

    I really like it. To be honest, I've been more fond of teals, blues, and greens than I have purple. 

    Atta Bakari is the first rival. Her crush says none because senpai hasn't been implemented. She has a different routine from the other students. She goes up to class instead of talking in the first floor hallway.

    I did make custom portraits for all the students. I spent most of last night doing them, and I'm happy with the way they turned out.​​​​​​​

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  • SSB "Yandere Dev"

    Almost a year ago, drama involving DreamcastGirl0101 and my sister Jackii/Hanami took place here. I really hate to bring this up again, but I feel it is (not completely) necessary, and my sister wanted to clear up some things too.

    When Hanami was banned from this wiki, she was kind of depressed. She loves Yandere Simulator and she wanted to join the fanon wiki. She is pretty naive for her age, though she is also very chill. Back then she was best friends with Yume (or Ami in this case or something, she changed her name) she was on Yume's side until she saw the other side of the drama (lies, suicide threats, etc.) and then she decided to go against her, up to bullying her for bringing this community down a bit. But she has changed a lot (and …

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  • GreenSister

    Character Designs

    October 6, 2019 by GreenSister

    Hello everyone! This post is about character designs.

    In the last blog post, I did not want to copy Gurin's JSON Mod. I have changed my mind about that. Down below, I will post 2 images (made in kisekae) that show what i'm going for. I am still learning how to use Kisekae after not using it for so long. 

     So, it's kinda like the character from the last mod. The character is all "deredere" and then becomes "yandere" near rivals. I don't know about you, but I really love the color scheme. The purple looks so cute!

    I also posted a screenshot of a rival in the discord. Should they be accessible from the get-go, or should they be hidden until im ready, like YandereDev?

    Post all your suggestions and comments down below. The first release will be on …

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  • GreenSister

    I'm just gonna start off with saying that Gurin's JSON Mod is cancelled. Anyway, I would like to unveil the first version of the Yandere Simulator Alternate School Mod! (So original, right?)

    Now for an "Alternate School" Mod, this didnt change too many students. But trust me, I will. But for the students that have been changed, I will list.

    Saisho Teki - The 1st rival, replaces Kokona Haruka.

    Einno Shinyu - The Obstacle, will always be with Saisho.

    I figured out how to change routines.

    • All students will now socialize in class.
    • Saisho and Einno will go on the rooftop to chat in the mornings. During lunchtime, they will go to a secluded area on the rooftop and talk, and then go to the 1st floor and continue socializing.…

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  • GreenSister

    Gurin's JSON Mod

    September 5, 2019 by GreenSister

    Hello! This is my JSON mod. I'll probably change most of this later, but here it is. Before you get excited, there is not a download link.

    Here is the screen selection (it says fastest but it looks the same as the yandere setting in-game)

    There are a lot of things to notice about this photo. You see this mod's rival, Gekiteki Yasai and her friend Tori Hado. In my mod, the color scheme for the drama club will be green. You can also see Yandere-chan's outfit. This is Mujitsu, but im using a build so early that it doesnt have the custom hair template, hence why there is no download link.

    And to end this post, why not add some murder.

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  • DavidTheWild

    My mod but not

    August 29, 2019 by DavidTheWild

    Ill put mod updates on here!

    wew mod
    Play as Info-Chan Get followed by Ayano TBA






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  • RequiemBlanchett

    so i completely forgot about this wiki, and i have like No motivation 2 create any more ocs sdknfksjfn.

    i wasnt really active anyway

    i will probably still comment and stuff but don't expect me 2 roleplay or make new characters >_<

    i know yall barely know me but i dont,,,,wanna disappear, ykno?

    however i may continue making joke ocs because that's actually fun

    making ocs on this wiki has been hard because mary sues are frowned upon and, personally, i adore making sparkly anime girls with rainbow hair unironically, and i don't want to step out of my comfort zone any longer

    • backflips into oblivion*
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  • Dave is Strange

    I want the people here that are most active or popular to give me your name on this blog post. PLEASE NOW or when you have the time. That is all.

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  • Kagami Hiiragi Lover 10

    I'll make sprites here is some of my work

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  • EduardoDess

    Kidnap ideas

    June 18, 2019 by EduardoDess

    Kidnap Ideas

    Hi! Im EduardoDess

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  • Yinmore

    Bundled Rival-Chan's anims some time ago, so decided to share it with you. (Satomi's Anims)

    CharacterAddAnimations:PoseMode/rivalchananim.unity3d:Student_ID (Student Name)
    CharacterSetWalkAnim:Student_ID (Student Name):f05_rivalWalk_00
    CharacterSetRunAnim:Student_ID (Student Name):f05_rivalRun_00
    CharacterSetIdleAnim:Student_ID (Student Name):f05_rivalIdle_03
    CharacterReplaceAnim:Student_ID (Student Name):f02_sprint_00:f05_rivalSprint_00

    Please credit me while using.

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  • Kamiko Takakawa

    This is mostly for the people on this wiki who know who I am but if you don't know who I am but want to read this anyway, be my guest, I guess.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    So uh I'm gonna try to keep this short and stuff cuz this isn't really important

    If ya read my previous blog post I made like 3 months ago ( I've stated that I'll come back here when summer break has started and... well, since it's May now and I'm finally done with finals and stuff for this week, I am able to come back and start making some more crappy OCs for a video game that I am somewhat interested in again, whoopee!

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  • SSB "Yandere Dev"

    Here have something to look at



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  • GreenSister


    May 19, 2019 by GreenSister

    this was my old account from when i was 10. lots of memories here.

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  • Captainkawaii666

    What it sounds like from the title so come on kill me already OH WAIT YA CAN'T

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  • XxYanSimGirlXx

    So this is it?

    April 23, 2019 by XxYanSimGirlXx

    Oh, hello! I don't think this would be popular. In a few days, I'll add to this blog about a conversation between me and me!

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  • RadiatedFluorite

    It ain't the offical one, but here. 

    I am looking for 

    - Info-chan

    - The Rivals

    - Teachers

    - Headmaster

    - Ryoba

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  • SSB "Yandere Dev"

    not like anyone cares but

    i heard i was inactive

    i'm back bitches

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  • Redandsymmetry

    Stepping Down

    April 6, 2019 by Redandsymmetry

    Many of you may have seen this coming due to my large periods of inactivity, but I have decided that I'm going to step down from my position. I don't have much interest in Yandere Simulator anymore and I haven't for a while. I do feel guilty for leaving Tsurime as the sole admin, but managing this wiki just isn't something I can really do anymore. I may pop up now and then, but for the most part, I'll be inactive on this site again. However, I'll still be around in the server and will say something here and there. That's really all I have to say now.

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  • RequiemBlanchett


    March 29, 2019 by RequiemBlanchett

    I AM BACK. i missed yall sm,, i recently got back into the yandere sim fandom especially with these new characters and DAMN i feel like a lil 11 year old again playing ys

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  • .cosmicoppersulfur

    Edit: Nevermind, I mixed it with net neutrality.

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  • Number 1 osana


    February 23, 2019 by Number 1 osana


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  • Kamiko Takakawa


    February 22, 2019 by Kamiko Takakawa

    Hey guys, Kamiko Takakawa here! If you recognize me, you might have known that I kinda stopped being active on here ever since I made that one blog post( which was made around October 2018, I believe... 

    On that blog post, I've stated that I'm not going to be participating in any roleplays/contests and create/edit OC pages anymore...


    I've been reconsidering my decision and I'm thinking about coming back here and start making OCs and roleplay on here again (and hopefully I'll be better at developing my OCs this time...)

    However... I may not actually come back until summer break has started..cuz ya know.. high school... …

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  • SSB "Yandere Dev"


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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    So, I was looking through an OC list that I made on Google Docs, and holy ship it's bad.

    Here's the list:

    Saimin Toransu (Female, Aro ace) (Art Club)

    Naiteiru Kodomo (Trans Female, Heterosexual) (Cooking Club) (Himedere)

    Saya Mame (Female, Demisexual) (Gardening Club) (Kuudere)

    Surejji Hanma (Trans Male, Transsexual) (Science Club) (Deredere)

    Watashiwayo Ikotooshita (Male, Polyamourous) (Undere) (Light Music Club) {Now Eijo Fuijo)

    Howaito Didotisu (Trans Male, Homosexual) (Undere) (Sports Club) (Marin Kaisui)

    Gem Uraifu (Female, Homoflexible) (Dandere) (Gardening Club)

    Gem Ufudo (Trans Female, Aro ace) (Occult Club)

    Kohani Nokagami (Trans Male, Polyamourous) (Tsundere) (Faculty/Detention Monitor)

    Supido Busuto (Genderfluid, Culparomantic) (Sports Clu…

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    February 11, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    So I was editing a page (it was a big edit, mind you), and I clicked off to check something, and I accidentally exited out of the tab.

    Please put me out of my misery :')

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    February 10, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    So APPARENTLY my OCs are actually somewhat popular? I guess it's because I check up on them so often but I'm still confused. Like the only two OCs I remember ever getting somewhat popular are Kiyoraka (Deteiku) and Kaede.

    So either it's me or a glitch. And if I am getting some traffic on my pages, then a big oof for everyone who sat through those trainwrecks (the pages, not the OCs, although I guess the OCs could count too).

    (Unrelated picture)

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    pic dump

    February 10, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    No, these are not adoptables.

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    February 10, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    Okay so I feel like there's someone missing from my OCs. Like, I found Boka, but there seems to be someone else missing. It was probably just a page I ended up cancelling, or a page that ended up deledted (because I did have a page that was deleted). But I still can't shake the feeling that there's a lost bab out there in the depths of YSFW's recolors and Mary-Sues.


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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    please stop

    February 10, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    If my OCs had Instagram:

    Doremi Fasola: Musicabsorbed

    Itazurana Hana: Sexyheart

    Merani Noakumu: Devilsbite

    Kizoku Karuko: yasqueen

    Nookina Katachi: tomnookina

    Kiyoraka Aisuki: poodlemoth

    Keisa Fuka: rainbowduchess

    Sakura Akino: flowerfertility

    Hitomi Akane: popularityhilarity

    Ahmya Ameko: skullshare

    Akino Hana: beauty_of_fall

    Imari Byakuya: imibini

    Boka Roido: VOCALOIDfanatic

    Kaede Shiro: trapmaster69

    Arisu Yukiko: Snow_Appreciation_Gang

    Pinkuko Momoiro: TheSmollestBean

    Chiruka Michiru: Fallen_petals

    Iri Benichiyo: stopcallingmebeanpaste

    Kumoko Sagiri: Sky_And_Moon

    Kyuki Mono: biguwuoof

    Mecha Kucha: Clockwork_Insanity

    Pisuta Chioko: Lavendergreenbab

    Shiori Yukari: purple

    Sutekina Sato: Frostandfire

    Yuka Buaiso: DEMONMULTIPLI

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    February 9, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    I think I just figured out how to use source mode.

    Cue the bajillions of things being added to the Useful Portrait Stuff page.

    Or, y'know, just one thing because I'm an idiot and I don't have any confidence in my editing abilities whatsoever.

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    Food? Fruit Mentos

    Drink? I forgot what it's called since I had it like once when I was five but it was this fruity, semi-frozen drink at Applebees. 

    Animal? Seal/Cougar

    Game? Pokemon (theyre all great except for Pokemon GO hecc you pokemon go)/DDLC

    Character from said game? Ghetsis/Lunala

    Song? c e n t i p e d e by Marz Mitzi/The Wolf by Siames

    Movie? Thor: Ragnarok

    Show? Pre-movie Spongebob/Courage the Cowardly Dog/Hetalia


    School? My math teacher abuses the homework function and there are a bunch of people calling me a bunch of words that I don't think are allowed to be said on FANDOM/hitting each other and me but yeah it's great to waste my life. My best grade is Social Studies, and my teacher is kind of a jerk to everyone but…

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    owowowo its painful

    February 8, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    guess who (oh BOY its bad)

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    so uh

    February 6, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    So I've decided that I'm going to get rid of some OCs.

    If you adopt them, please don't do anything NSFW (but hey if you want to I can't stop you)

    Also don't sell them for money


    EDIT: no i cant do it im so sorry but i have bonds with them despite never using them

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    time to sue

    February 4, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu


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  • .cosmicoppersulfur

    hello! i just want to say, i kinda had thoughts in the past to step down but i actually didnt bc i didnt want to be like

    [date] - *steps down*

    over two weeks - applies for [position]

    i kinda want to tell why i want to step down - well, for one, i dont feel like the most responsible person. i dont think i should be a staff member after what i did. i don't really deserve it. i made some mistakes i shouldnt have done in the past (some thing aryana knows).

    i might feel a bit weird after stepping down since ive got used to be staff for a long time and all. but i may get used to not be a staff member. :) 

    see ya. 

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    January 27, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu


    please stop being dead im lonely

    that and there are basically no mods


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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    ok so

    January 27, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    I found an old thing and realized that Yuka's and Chiruka's personalities were supposed to be switched

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    oc portraits/kisekaes

    January 27, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu
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  • FloweyTheFlytrap1.0

    Everyone else has stuff they don't want anymore, and so do I.

    No one is going to want all this bs, but whatever.

    Wakumi Wantanabe

    Bachiko Bando

    Sakae Sakaguchi

    Sakiko Sakaguchi

    Setsuko Chino

    Ritchi Hato

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    January 20, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    Witnessing murder

    Seeing a corpse

    Seeing a corpse being dragged

    Seeing a bloody uniform

    Seeing someone covered in blood

    Seeing a pool of blood

    Seeing a weapon

    Seeing someone carry a weapon

    Seeing someone insane

    Seeing someone laugh insanely

    Witnessing a panty shot

    Victim of a panty shot

    Doused with water

    Doused with blood

    Doused with gasoline


    Being complimented too much

    Gossiped to

    Reacting to a lie on the Internet

    Reacting to a truth on the Internet

    Task request

    Task accepted

    Task denied

    Task completed

    Trying to talk after a murder

    Being asked to follow you

    Being asked to go away

    Being asked to distract someone

    Being asked for a favor


    Event 1

    Event 2

    Event 3

    Event 4

    Event 5


    Dark Secret Revealed

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    stuff about my ocs

    January 20, 2019 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    Ahmya smells like barbeque sauce, her favorite flower is the rafflesia, her favorite animal is the North American opossum, her favorite food and drink is fairy bread and bitter coffee, she enjoys wasting her time playing scary video games.

    Nookina smells like ammonia, her favorite game is Warioware Gold, her favorite movie is Spirited Away.

    Mecha smells like spearmint, her favorite game is Wild World, her favorite movie is Grave of the Fireflies.

    Shiori smells like leather, her favorite flower is the violet, her favorite animal is the cougar, her favorite food and drink is escargot and La Croix, her favorite game is Valkyria Chronicles, her favorrite movie is Ponyo.

    Hitomi smells like freshly washed linen, her favorite flower is the sakura blo…

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  • JustANerdyInu

    So uhhh I'm back.

    It's been a while since I've checked on Yandere Simulator but I say we must #protectthenewboys .

    So anyways

    I've had an idea to make a character who is not really a bully or a delinquent, but somewhere in the middle.

    Also maybe a goth character cause idek.

    k bye

    ゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚

    ┊         ┊       ┊   ┊    ┊        ┊

    ┊         ┊       ┊   ┊   ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩

    ┊         ┊       ┊   ✫

    ┊         ┊       ✩     

    ┊ ⊹       ✯

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  • HaziqToyBonzieYT~!New

    i think the wiki is dead o-o

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  • RequiemBlanchett


    January 7, 2019 by RequiemBlanchett

    heya, just wanted to say that i'm taking a break from this wiki. the break won't be too long, maybe for a few weeks or even months.

    i really like this wiki and i love yandere simulator, but i'm not going to be active for a little while for the following reasons:

    1. i'm an admin for another wiki and i have to be active there
    2. i have lots of yandere sim ideas in my head, but i'm worried that people might judge me because i usually use gachaverse for my character creating nowadays (kisekae is getting boring for me), and i use google translate for my names. i'm worried about posting new characters for those reasons.
    3. most of the friends i made here are sorta inactive. i can't blame em for that but it's kind of a shame
    4. i'm working on my own video game

    so …

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  • ToriChanNya

    UwU I'm returning

    December 30, 2018 by ToriChanNya


    I'm returning to the wiki?? Pretty sure I didn't even say I left but whatever. I've been inactive and stuff, trying to get back into drawing scRee. Anyway, I'll definitely be more active uwu

    - Tori uwu Read more >
  • Kagami Hiiragi Lover 10


    December 25, 2018 by Kagami Hiiragi Lover 10

    Leaving this Wiki to work on my own wiki I'LL miss you all bye and feel free to check out my wiki just no adding pages without my permission

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  • Candydandy

    Quick Question

    December 11, 2018 by Candydandy

    Does anyone know the names of Musume Ronshaku's face and hair textures in the latest build? If so, would you please tell me?

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  • Shiro1232


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  • JeodonGray


    December 2, 2018 by JeodonGray

    This may not be useful, but I'm just making this just because.

    In the event, I go inactive for more than two weeks or I leave the server, then the users MonMonPok and CopperisticCreativity are to be apart of the inheritance, anyone else is up to these users.

    If I leave or go inactive, then my OCs are to be split up and go to Mon and Copper evenly, any odd OCs are made shared OCs. The splitting will work in my logistics, Mon will almost always get Kana Fujitani. I'll do the splitting, Copper, and Mon will do the discussing.

    Fanon stuff, like my fanon page or my Megami Saikou, is to be left alone; if I happen to leave, the pages are to be deleted, I'll save them in the event I return.

    I have many unused portraits that I'm planning to use. If I h…

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