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Aiko60 Aiko60 4 days ago

About me

Hey person, thank you for taking the time to read about me. This is my first blog post, so please read it carefully as it contains some rules.

So if you do not know what I can do in Yandere Simulator, I can:

  • Make Custom Portraits
  • Make Oc Requests
  • Help you in Pose Mode (by kgftbz)
  • Texture hair, clothes, accessories, and faces.

Side note: If you want me to make a custom Oc for you, then please send the custom modeled content as bundles as I cannot make bundles nor I can make models. So please do not ask me to make models or bundle certain items for you.

Please do not-

  • Spam me with text messages.
  • Share my Discord with other people.
  • Spread rumors about me.

Please do-

  • Use she/her pronouns when mentioning me.

So that's all I can do! Please make sure to read…

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Inky Sama Inky Sama 5 days ago

Help me a bit

Is there any way to get Yandere-Chan and/a student shorter? I wanted to make an oc who is a bit shorter than the others. I do have the pose mod thing installed

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LetMe0ut0fB4sem3ntPLZ LetMe0ut0fB4sem3ntPLZ 12 days ago


What are the requirements for applying for chat mod?

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Tinmarijanovic2505 Tinmarijanovic2505 26 December 2021

Adding portraits to your avatar!

Here's my portraits, you can add portraits to your avatar!

Note: If i make new character, this blog will be updated and edited.

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Kvrayne Kvrayne 25 December 2021

Cutie Mango!

Pls delete any portrait if u claim it!

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Kvrayne Kvrayne 23 December 2021


Welcome to my blog I not new here

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Ken Yujji Ken Yujji 11 November 2021


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Suri chun Suri chun 4 November 2021


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Suriko YinM Suriko YinM 3 November 2021


Use commad



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Omi-sann Omi-sann 30 October 2021


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RandomLGGALT RandomLGGALT 26 October 2021

Where i have been

Hey, If you see this. I would like to say that your prolly 1% of the people reading this

So, Where have i been?

Im not really active to the wiki anymore, im focusing on some other things

Im also getting a little bit tired of the pose mod, It hasen't been update for like, 2 or 3 years

Im also focusing more on school, and im also getting a bit bored of Yandere Simulator

Im still alive and healthy and doing good

Thats all what i have to say now, Hope your doing great on this fine Tuesday

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Suzikan Suziiki Suzikan Suziiki 26 October 2021


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Azu Ronshaku Azu Ronshaku 26 October 2021

What the-

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Azu Ronshaku Azu Ronshaku 26 October 2021

this needs to be fix

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Inzumki Inzumki 18 October 2021

face by me

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Mairsle Mairsle 11 October 2021

Vroid Studio Journeys

I'll admit. I am not a fan of the Aoi Model style even if it's iconic to the game at this point. So in order to fit better with my own preferences, I made her in Vroid Studio. She ended up looking kinda like Sumia from Fire Emblem? Though Sumia was never one of my inspirations for creating Erina and she was always based off Deuce from FFT0... Either way her hair is a pain in the neck to draw because long hairs give me a headache and I'm a huge beginner at this tool. Someday I'll get it to not look so potato!

Either way I had a lot of fun designing her even if she'd clash so heavily in the game lol. Don't even get me started on the loads of performance issues the original game has. No way I'm importing her to Yandere Simulator in its current…

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Mairsle Mairsle 2 October 2021

I'm back?

It's been three whole years since I joined this wiki and my busier adult life has made it kinda difficult for me to maintain most of my interests beyond stuff that don't clash with my present schedule. On the plus side, I'll be graduating soon and I can't wait to dump all my terrible ideas and canon breaking stuff just so I can vent. I've had this idea a while back since 2018 but only now do I get any time at all to invest in these hobbies. I might get back to drawing and editing again. I've always wanted to be able to draw and paint my own portraits of my YanSim OCs so heck yeah I should start now.

Outside of Ms Yanase Erina, I was initially planning to add a few more students to join the Akademi roster as I feel like there's not enough un…

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FabulousTurdUwU FabulousTurdUwU 26 September 2021

I made this for shits and giggles

This is just here cause I have Ocd and want my profile to be "Complete"

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Claudescoffin Claudescoffin 22 September 2021

i still dont kno how 2 use this

i dont wanna embarrass myself lmao



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Gabrielle602 Gabrielle602 15 September 2021


just hi

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RandomLGGALT RandomLGGALT 20 July 2021

Texturing or OC Commissions are Open!

I'm doing texturing requests/commissions, You dont have to pay me, Everything is Free!

DM me on Discord: 🌸 RandomLGG 🌸#4030

or Message me on my Message Wall!

Also credit Dan/RandomLGG if you requested/commissioned a Texture

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Swirlpuff Swirlpuff 13 July 2021


my new mod is in development it is called a envious love story


PROTAG: urayamashi jur

urayamashi jur a joules girl very possessive over a boy named taro yamda (might change in Futer)

RIVAL1:gake shojo

a artsy girl loves to draw her big brother is the leader of the delinquents... as such she is feared

RIVAL2:Fukimina Kaze

the occult club leader she is very timid and seems to hide some were I wont say were yet loves stars

other rivals info coming soon wat do yall think

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Swirlpuff Swirlpuff 11 July 2021


so I remembered old witness and victim Chan sooooo! I am making a mod that brings them back and a play as option should I ad a cardigan or a special outfit I know its short but that's it for now bye bye >_< any questions will be answered in a Q&A post coming soon

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Inky Sama Inky Sama 1 July 2021


I wanted to make a yan sim mod or post/make more ocs but I am just too lazy to install the newest version of the game rn XD

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RandomLGGALT RandomLGGALT 27 June 2021

Sakebi Simulator Sneek Peek

Hello! So if you have seen the description of the mod, it didn't have much about the mod it self.

So in this Blog i am going to talk about the Mod AND show the sneek peek.

Sakebi Simulator is a Mod about a Yellow Drilled Hair Girl named Sakebi Otowaru who seeks to kill the Daugther/Sons of members of a Mysterious Corp who blackmailed her Father to get Money out of him.

The Kill List:

  • Setsuka Sayonara
  • Aiko Kiyoshira
  • Oume Ohana
  • Naomi Nemu
  • Tsukasa Arakabo
  • Tainaka Desuko
  • Fureddo Jonzu (will be replaced)
  • Satomi Makise

Reminder: I will change some Names and add more people to the Kill List.

Now the progress:

I added the Game Asset Studio Pack here, Taichi is a little bit unfinished since he looks... diseased

I have to make new Routines so you wouldn't be able …

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ChichonaX4 ChichonaX4 16 June 2021

Miyuki's crush

they are cute, aren't they?

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ZoeTheUndead ZoeTheUndead 13 June 2021

What happend with the fandom page (is not something bad about the admins)

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KikiUwUx KikiUwUx 12 June 2021

another storytime jsjsjs 😖🔫

storytime because ... yes and because it scared me a lot yesterday, if the storytime happened yesterday well or I was in the supermarket angry because they made me bring VERY heavy bags and it made my fingers hurt and nothing like my mom and dad carried heavy plates we went for the elevator we were waiting and out of nowhere the fire alarm starts to sound the noise was irritating HAHAHA it was irritating because we were practically next to the fire alarm but we had not turned it on well ... I felt that my ears were going to start bleeding profusely did not happen! Well, continuing with the story from nowhere the dogs that were in the parking lot began to cry that makes me even more desperate and scares me even more after the longest second…

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Shigurex Shigurex 7 June 2021

Hey, It's been something going "out"

Not feeling good today.

I have a lot of personal issues, not gonna tell much of them today, since they're not the case for today.

So recently one of the iconic admins have left the wiki.. so.. kinda.. i want to surprise them to come back with a special surprise.

what about something that makes them happy? To make them proud, so i need everyone's help, Make this wiki one of the biggest, not only the modding community, someone make pages about OC ideas, fanart. tutorials.. this community must evolve to one where we don't only mod. we must have fun.

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YandereSilva YandereSilva 3 June 2021

Yandere Simulator

25 Facts About Yandere Simulator

  • Yandere-chan's real name is Ayano Aishi and she is the 3rd generation Yandere in her family.•
  • Possible rivals in the game include, but are not limited to: Rival-chan, Kokona Haruka, Senpai's little sister, Oka Ruto, Osana Najimi, Deliquent leader, a Teacher, and Ghost Girl.•
  • The games release date is no later than 2019.•
  • Mai Waifu is Yandere Dev.•
  • The finalized game will in fact be changed to "Love Sick".•
  • The ghost girl seen in the game in the third floor girls bathroom was killed by Yandere-chan's mother which will be revealed in future developments of the game.•
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Toshii Miko Toshii Miko 24 May 2021


this is for testing purposes only.

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Yndexe Yndexe 18 May 2021

Yandere simulator

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Hanakoo Yamada Hanakoo Yamada 18 May 2021


Hello I am Clxssical!

And I am an Ariana Grande hugee fan!

If you see me on discord which is "⋆ ᴄʟxꜱꜱɪᴄᴀʟ ⋆#8353"

please do not bully me! :C

Here are my friends!:

Anny Mizuki Burizu AKA • The Anny.M.B •

pianskef AKA Pinkani Ahakane

Lil .S AKA Lil Seleno

DYING AKA Sakura Chan

Kitty AKA Kitty Chandora

Usami AKA Rumi Misaki

Hair AKA Mariko Kana

𝐬oғtie Dҽv AKA Mrs Softie

Villain Uraraka Ochako AKA JackTheStrawBerryYT

And that is all! :D

Luv ya'll

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Txffe3nut Txffe3nut 18 May 2021

some commands


Attach:Accessory:YandereChan/Character/BodyParts/BodyPart etc.



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KennyPlayzYT KennyPlayzYT 17 May 2021

Waist cardigan

whats the command for waist cardigan? and how do i activate it?

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Pianskef Pianskef 15 May 2021

Need help?

Hey! Welcome to my blog.

I am Pianskef and if you need any help, feel free to type it in my message wall!

Want me to bundle something? Type in my message wall!

I only bundle for free to put on Unity3D wiki.

I think that's all for now.

Bye bye cloud!~ ☁💖

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Star!Stuffed Star!Stuffed 15 May 2021

Accessory Bundling Request

Not only will I be bundling just average accessories, but if you guys want a specific hair accessory that doesn't come alone and only with the hair piece, I'll gladly do that too and cut it right out!

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KikiUwUx KikiUwUx 6 May 2021

Class(Story Time lol)

okay then how do i start i have a partner who for obvious reasons i will not give her name then she always asks somewhat silly questions and that stresses me and nothing well ... she did her thing again (end of story time was very short xd)(and I don't want to offend anyone, he just wants to get even) oh! and sorry my bad english. 👉👈

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Hanashi Oriso Hanashi Oriso 6 May 2021

Useful things for your OC

  • 1 Information
    • 1.1 Hi! Welcome To Hanashi Oriso's Blog
    • 1.2 I Made this blog so you guys can know how to put bullies accessories to yandere-chan and how to create a OC!!!
  • 2 Commands
  • 3 How To Put A Scrunchie To Yan-Chan And Texture It
  • 4 Command:
  • 5 Texture Command:
  • 6 How To Put A Hoodie To Yan-Chan And Texture It
  • 7 Command:
  • 8 Texture Command:
  • 9 How To Add New Animations To Yan-Chan
  • 10 Most Animations Used:
  • 11 Add Animations:
  • 12 How To Add The Basu Sister's Ring To Yan-Chan
  • 13 Command:
  • 14 More Coming Soon!, Ask me on my message wall if you want a command for something.

RenameRefChild:Student_81 (Musume Ronshaku):ScrunchieLeft:MusumeScrunchieLeft

RenameRefChild:Student_81 (Musume Ronshaku):ScrunchieRight:MusumeScrunchieRight



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Just Nishi Just Nishi 5 May 2021

My oc

Just my boring oc heh

Here she is :)!


- The starwberry outfit by Sammie-Q Chan and bundled by Hanashi Oriso

- Noice for the hair parts

- Me for the hair texture i retexture,face texture by me,outfit texture that i retexture by me too

- Satomi Makise animations command and file by S0ul245Official

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KikiUwUx KikiUwUx 4 May 2021


Kiki,Kiki,you can call me Kiki Black Hair Pink Eyes hiding in you WIFI. fesfhsjefhsj

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Chiaki wants to die Chiaki wants to die 4 May 2021

I just want a badge

pls god give me the badge im bored as hell

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Yinx2 Yinx2 3 May 2021

Showcasing random trash hjsshsjgdsjh

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Shahad Alhindi Shahad Alhindi 2 May 2021

Budo Masuta

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Shahad Alhindi Shahad Alhindi 2 May 2021

Shahad Alhindi

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ShiromiLuvsYouUwU ShiromiLuvsYouUwU 2 May 2021


what do i put here?

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Sibarionmoon Sibarionmoon 30 April 2021


I'm new here and I'm probably not gonna be very active in responses and stuff and unless its mandatory. By mandatory, I mean Something I have asked that I really need to know because I haven't figured it out myself. If I just stated something or expressed an opinion though, however, I'm not going to be checking reply's or messages. Although, this may change depending on if I go deeper in the vortex of coding/moding or whatever you wish to call it.

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RandomLGGALT RandomLGGALT 27 April 2021

if you see this...


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Romanana rfer Romanana rfer 26 April 2021

How put armband on ayano pleeeaseeee!

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We are doves We are doves 15 April 2021

Sunny Miura (三浦サニー)

◆ Name ◆

◈Sunny Miura [三浦サニー]◈

◆ Reputation ◆


◆ Personality ◆


◆ Crush ◆

◈Shiromi Torayoshi◈

◆ Club ◆


◆ Self-Defense ◆


◆ Class ◆



◆ To seeing a weapon (bloody or not) ◆

◈Will inform a member of the student council if it's a suspicious one.

◆ To seeing a bloody uniform ◆

◈Will pretend she saw nothing, get somewhere safe, & telephone the police.

◆ To pools of blood ◆

◈Will stick around out of sight to see who is responsible & apprehend them.

◆ To low sanity ◆

◈Will ask if they're okay, apprehensively.

◆ To panty shots ◆

◈Will call them out for being a creepy.

◆ To witnessing murder ◆

◈Will run to overpower them.

◆ To dead bodies/body parts ◆

◈Will remain calm, get to the faculty room, lock the doors, inform them of …

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