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Gabrielle602 Gabrielle602 5 days ago


just hi

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RandomLGGALT RandomLGGALT 20 July

Texturing or OC Commissions are Open!

I'm doing texturing requests/commissions, You dont have to pay me, Everything is Free!

DM me on Discord: 🌸 RandomLGG 🌸#4030

or Message me on my Message Wall!

Also credit Dan/RandomLGG if you requested/commissioned a Texture

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Swirlpuff Swirlpuff 13 July


my new mod is in development it is called a envious love story


PROTAG: urayamashi jur

urayamashi jur a joules girl very possessive over a boy named taro yamda (might change in Futer)

RIVAL1:gake shojo

a artsy girl loves to draw her big brother is the leader of the delinquents... as such she is feared

RIVAL2:Fukimina Kaze

the occult club leader she is very timid and seems to hide some were I wont say were yet loves stars

other rivals info coming soon wat do yall think

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Swirlpuff Swirlpuff 11 July


so I remembered old witness and victim Chan sooooo! I am making a mod that brings them back and a play as option should I ad a cardigan or a special outfit I know its short but that's it for now bye bye >_< any questions will be answered in a Q&A post coming soon

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Inky Sama Inky Sama 1 July


I wanted to make a yan sim mod or post/make more ocs but I am just too lazy to install the newest version of the game rn XD

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RandomLGGALT RandomLGGALT 27 June

Sakebi Simulator Sneek Peek

Hello! So if you have seen the description of the mod, it didn't have much about the mod it self.

So in this Blog i am going to talk about the Mod AND show the sneek peek.

Sakebi Simulator is a Mod about a Yellow Drilled Hair Girl named Sakebi Otowaru who seeks to kill the Daugther/Sons of members of a Mysterious Corp who blackmailed her Father to get Money out of him.

The Kill List:

  • Setsuka Sayonara
  • Aiko Kiyoshira
  • Oume Ohana
  • Naomi Nemu
  • Tsukasa Arakabo
  • Tainaka Desuko
  • Fureddo Jonzu (will be replaced)
  • Satomi Makise

Reminder: I will change some Names and add more people to the Kill List.

Now the progress:

I added the Game Asset Studio Pack here, Taichi is a little bit unfinished since he looks... diseased

I have to make new Routines so you wouldn't be able …

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ChichonaX4 ChichonaX4 16 June

Miyuki's crush

they are cute, aren't they?

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ZoeTheUndead ZoeTheUndead 13 June

What happend with the fandom page (is not something bad about the admins)

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KikiUwUx KikiUwUx 12 June

another storytime jsjsjs 😖🔫

storytime because ... yes and because it scared me a lot yesterday, if the storytime happened yesterday well or I was in the supermarket angry because they made me bring VERY heavy bags and it made my fingers hurt and nothing like my mom and dad carried heavy plates we went for the elevator we were waiting and out of nowhere the fire alarm starts to sound the noise was irritating HAHAHA it was irritating because we were practically next to the fire alarm but we had not turned it on well ... I felt that my ears were going to start bleeding profusely did not happen! Well, continuing with the story from nowhere the dogs that were in the parking lot began to cry that makes me even more desperate and scares me even more after the longest second…

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Shigurex Shigurex 7 June

Hey, It's been something going "out"

Not feeling good today.

I have a lot of personal issues, not gonna tell much of them today, since they're not the case for today.

So recently one of the iconic admins have left the wiki.. so.. kinda.. i want to surprise them to come back with a special surprise.

what about something that makes them happy? To make them proud, so i need everyone's help, Make this wiki one of the biggest, not only the modding community, someone make pages about OC ideas, fanart. tutorials.. this community must evolve to one where we don't only mod. we must have fun.

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YandereSilva YandereSilva 3 June

Yandere Simulator

25 Facts About Yandere Simulator

  • Yandere-chan's real name is Ayano Aishi and she is the 3rd generation Yandere in her family.•
  • Possible rivals in the game include, but are not limited to: Rival-chan, Kokona Haruka, Senpai's little sister, Oka Ruto, Osana Najimi, Deliquent leader, a Teacher, and Ghost Girl.•
  • The games release date is no later than 2019.•
  • Mai Waifu is Yandere Dev.•
  • The finalized game will in fact be changed to "Love Sick".•
  • The ghost girl seen in the game in the third floor girls bathroom was killed by Yandere-chan's mother which will be revealed in future developments of the game.•
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Toshii Miko Toshii Miko 24 May


this is for testing purposes only.

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Yndexe Yndexe 18 May

Yandere simulator

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Hanakoo Yamada Hanakoo Yamada 18 May


Hello I am Clxssical!

And I am an Ariana Grande hugee fan!

If you see me on discord which is "⋆ ᴄʟxꜱꜱɪᴄᴀʟ ⋆#8353"

please do not bully me! :C

Here are my friends!:

Anny Mizuki Burizu AKA • The Anny.M.B •

pianskef AKA Pinkani Ahakane

Lil .S AKA Lil Seleno

DYING AKA Sakura Chan

Kitty AKA Kitty Chandora

Usami AKA Rumi Misaki

Hair AKA Mariko Kana

𝐬oғtie Dҽv AKA Mrs Softie

Villain Uraraka Ochako AKA JackTheStrawBerryYT

And that is all! :D

Luv ya'll

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Txffe3nut Txffe3nut 18 May

some commands


Attach:Accessory:YandereChan/Character/BodyParts/BodyPart etc.



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KennyPlayzYT KennyPlayzYT 17 May

Waist cardigan

whats the command for waist cardigan? and how do i activate it?

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Pianskef Pianskef 15 May

Need help?

Hey! Welcome to my blog.

I am Pianskef and if you need any help, feel free to type it in my message wall!

Want me to bundle something? Type in my message wall!

I only bundle for free to put on Unity3D wiki.

I think that's all for now.

Bye bye cloud!~ ☁💖

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Star!Stuffed Star!Stuffed 15 May

Accessory Bundling Request

Not only will I be bundling just average accessories, but if you guys want a specific hair accessory that doesn't come alone and only with the hair piece, I'll gladly do that too and cut it right out!

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KikiUwUx KikiUwUx 6 May

Class(Story Time lol)

okay then how do i start i have a partner who for obvious reasons i will not give her name then she always asks somewhat silly questions and that stresses me and nothing well ... she did her thing again (end of story time was very short xd)(and I don't want to offend anyone, he just wants to get even) oh! and sorry my bad english. 👉👈

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Hanashi Oriso Hanashi Oriso 6 May

Useful things for your OC

  • 1 Information
    • 1.1 Hi! Welcome To Hanashi Oriso's Blog
    • 1.2 I Made this blog so you guys can know how to put bullies accessories to yandere-chan and how to create a OC!!!
  • 2 Commands
  • 3 How To Put A Scrunchie To Yan-Chan And Texture It
  • 4 Command:
  • 5 Texture Command:
  • 6 How To Put A Hoodie To Yan-Chan And Texture It
  • 7 Command:
  • 8 Texture Command:
  • 9 How To Add New Animations To Yan-Chan
  • 10 Most Animations Used:
  • 11 Add Animations:
  • 12 How To Add The Basu Sister's Ring To Yan-Chan
  • 13 Command:
  • 14 More Coming Soon!, Ask me on my message wall if you want a command for something.

RenameRefChild:Student_81 (Musume Ronshaku):ScrunchieLeft:MusumeScrunchieLeft

RenameRefChild:Student_81 (Musume Ronshaku):ScrunchieRight:MusumeScrunchieRight



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Just Nishi Just Nishi 5 May

My oc

Just my boring oc heh

Here she is :)!


- The starwberry outfit by Sammie-Q Chan and bundled by Hanashi Oriso

- Noice for the hair parts

- Me for the hair texture i retexture,face texture by me,outfit texture that i retexture by me too

- Satomi Makise animations command and file by S0ul245Official

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KikiUwUx KikiUwUx 4 May


Kiki,Kiki,you can call me Kiki Black Hair Pink Eyes hiding in you WIFI. fesfhsjefhsj

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I just want a badge

pls god give me the badge im bored as hell

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Yinx2 Yinx2 3 May

Showcasing random trash hjsshsjgdsjh

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Shahad Alhindi Shahad Alhindi 2 May

Budo Masuta

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Shahad Alhindi Shahad Alhindi 2 May

Shahad Alhindi

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what do i put here?

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Sibarionmoon Sibarionmoon 30 April


I'm new here and I'm probably not gonna be very active in responses and stuff and unless its mandatory. By mandatory, I mean Something I have asked that I really need to know because I haven't figured it out myself. If I just stated something or expressed an opinion though, however, I'm not going to be checking reply's or messages. Although, this may change depending on if I go deeper in the vortex of coding/moding or whatever you wish to call it.

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RandomLGGALT RandomLGGALT 27 April

if you see this...


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Romanana rfer Romanana rfer 26 April

How put armband on ayano pleeeaseeee!

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We are doves We are doves 15 April

Sunny Miura (三浦サニー)

◆ Name ◆

◈Sunny Miura [三浦サニー]◈

◆ Reputation ◆


◆ Personality ◆


◆ Crush ◆

◈Shiromi Torayoshi◈

◆ Club ◆


◆ Self-Defense ◆


◆ Class ◆



◆ To seeing a weapon (bloody or not) ◆

◈Will inform a member of the student council if it's a suspicious one.

◆ To seeing a bloody uniform ◆

◈Will pretend she saw nothing, get somewhere safe, & telephone the police.

◆ To pools of blood ◆

◈Will stick around out of sight to see who is responsible & apprehend them.

◆ To low sanity ◆

◈Will ask if they're okay, apprehensively.

◆ To panty shots ◆

◈Will call them out for being a creepy.

◆ To witnessing murder ◆

◈Will run to overpower them.

◆ To dead bodies/body parts ◆

◈Will remain calm, get to the faculty room, lock the doors, inform them of …

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KikiUwUx KikiUwUx 10 April

Idk . .

idk lol 🌸👉👈

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KtoInny KtoInny 8 April

Nemessis off

If u want make cutscenes in horror mod but u dont want Nemesis

disturb you use this command:



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KtoInny KtoInny 8 April


RenameRefChild:Student_ID (name):Iris:e1




RenameRefChild:Student_ID (name):Iris:e2




ActivateChildAll:Student_ID (name):Iris:false

ActivateChildAll:Student_ID (name):IrisLight:false

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Silverjackal0003 Silverjackal0003 22 March

Need more credit

This is a blog that act as begging for more comments. I just want to make this to people who view my OC page. I know it is kind of injustice like and rude, but it is quite helpful so I can make a list of credits for nice people who compliment my OC pages. This will act more as a letter, not a blog.

Dear new people,

I know you are new. I know you are ready to create your character page. But people have feelings. You can compliment character pages, and induce your reputation, as if your character was in the game. I did the exact same thing and I received several milestones on this wiki page. I edited a lot, and so can you. Do you realize, that when you do not help this wiki, then no one is going to help you to make your successful wiki? I know…

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YukiOzawa YukiOzawa 21 March


My Amai Odayaka Eliminated Badge stays at 1 day though I'm here everyday. Did this happen to anyone else?

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M4r7sa0t0m3 M4r7sa0t0m3 20 March


Uh i made this because yes

watch this

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New Kisekae Character

This is my new character Kurata Izumi, He's my attempt at making a Kabuki

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Yinx2 Yinx2 9 March

User bio stuff

"And you just gotta 'TOUCH', you know?! It's just...We're 'TOUCH'ing each other! It's all about interaction, we gotta be social. We're just 'TOUCH'ing, you know?"

-Mark Lee, NCT 2018

"I feel like the possibility of all those possibilities being possible is just another possibility that can possibly happen."

-Mark Lee

I 😃 see 👀 that ✨ I'm 😊 icy 🍧

圧倒的な魅力に 潤む瞳 思わせぶりな仕草に

눈부시게 더 빛날 테니까


hello 👋 finally 😌 introducing ✨ loona 🌙 are ⭐️you 😍 girls 👭 ready 🙈 ? ok 👌 lets 🌚 go 🤩 !

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My youtube channel!

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Inky Sama Inky Sama 7 March

Does someone know how to customize tasks

Yeah, I know it's with dll modding, but no one explains HOW to do it. I didn't find any tutorials, so if someone knows, could you please teach me?

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MoonlightScars MoonlightScars 25 February

My Retextures ! :0

  • 1 Introduction
    • 1.1 RULES :
    • 1.2 CREDITS :
    • 1.3 DISCLAIMER
    • 2.1 Clubless
    • 2.2 Drama Club
    • 2.3 Art Club
    • 2.4 Gardenning Club
    • 2.5 Rainbow Six
    • 2.6 Miscelanous
  • 3 Nishimuya High Portraits
    • 3.1 Clubless
    • 3.2 Rivals
    • 3.3 Occult Club
    • 3.4 Anime Club
    • 3.5 Gardenning Club
    • 3.6 Light Music Club
    • 3.7 Photography Club
    • 3.8 The Bullies
    • 3.9 Miscelanous

Hello ! In this lil blog post, I will just post portraits of my retextures (not them themselves) and portraits of my Nishimuya Students ! If you want to use them go ahead but please, follow the rules above, or else I'll #cancelyou and remove the blog post. It would be a shame, right ? Also I'm an admin so I can ban you. So be careful or else ;)

  • Don't claim them as yours.
  • ALWAYS credit me and ShiroTorayoshi.
  • If you want the textures just ask me and I'll…

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LemMoon LemMoon 24 February

If you want to know me a lil more

I'm AkariYamamoto2436. I'm from the Philippines! Mabuhay Pilipinas! Also, I'm a thread mod here

I like to create videos for my channel for free time, I also contribute a lot to the wiki! I do OCs hair part requests for portraits, just ask me in my message wall! I like chocolate, polandball, countryhumans, gacha, Sniperwolf, Gacha, my friends, and of course, YS! I started liking the game since I first found it in 2018, back then, I still didn't have a fandom/ wikia acc hehe... When I created this account in 2020, I started to contribute here for January to nowadays! My favorite character is Kokona, Saki, Musume, Akane, and Kizana! My most fav male ys character is riku.

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Nasu Ka Ame Nasu Ka Ame 23 February

Little Update and Introduction

Hello everyone! This is just an introductory page on me, I am Nasu-Ka Ame and I like to make Portraits and can bundle almost anything for you (I can’t provide the deliyanhair tho if it’s like an accessory. 👁💧👄💧👁) I have made almost all of the portraits on my OC pages. (but not Nasu-Ka’s 2 game outfits, Shiro Torayoshi did) I also bundled Noice’s cardigan waist and made it suitable for guys! I just can’t model anything, I’m trying to find out how to model clothes and hair.

Usually, I’ll spend my free time drawing or more portraits. I love to watch anime, especially Yakusoku no Neverland and Kimetsu no Yaiba. If we’re talking about favorite TV shows, however, I love Total Drama (Stan Duncney) and the OG Teen Titans. I also love the Mara’s Sa…

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Inky Sama Inky Sama 19 February

My drawing of Hazu Kashibuchi

This is my drawing of my supreme crush in Yandere Simulator, Hazu Kashibuchi. I know it needs to get better but i tried :p

If u want a drawing like this, you can ask me. But I'm still getting accustomed to draw in my cell phone (without a digital pen ;-;), so don't expect much.

Have a great day, or night, or whatever :)

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Yinx2 Yinx2 18 February

NCT Memes that I saved on my laptop rent free

Mf uhhh

gimme gimme soty

stream Whiplash by NCT 127

Yuh get into itttt

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Kokonut Haruka Kokonut Haruka 12 February

I made this cuz i was bored

Hi guys!




Thank you

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M4r7sa0t0m3 M4r7sa0t0m3 4 February



ill add stuff here when its important or just a joke

this is a blog hwere i use no spelling grammar ore loigc

edit 1 at 10:14PM 4 febriar 2021:

go wastchdufch hxh even fi im oin episode oien 2:52 minuets in i still say wagthc it

edit 2 at 11:02PM 5 ferbuaru 2021:

i changed me homescren to be tbhk themed i guess ( click on the ohoto to see it clesrly )

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i am bad


LITERALLY 0-5 FPS HAHA good news tho iupgraded to windows 10 yes

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RazeLoverRat RazeLoverRat 27 January

sorry twt

Ok so, i just want to say i'm sorry for being inactive for almost... 1 week? idk. I will continue making ocs from tomorrow again UwU, i promise.

Creation of this blog: 27 January 2021

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