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Boka Roido is a 2nd year student that attends Akademi High.


Boka has pale blue hair put up into braids. She has gray eyes and pale skin. Her bust size is 1. She wears the default uniform unless customized, and light blue socks.


Boka has the Spiteful persona. She dislikes murder unless it's a bullied student being murdered or a bully being murdered.

She has a bad habit of biting her nails when she's nervous, and this has lowered her reputation over time. She gets nervous easily. She also is realistic, and has a neutral standpoint on just about everything.


Niko Kanna: The two are good friends, and have been since elementary school.


  • Boka hates her name.
  • Boka dislikes most Western food.
  • Boka doesn't know how to do her own hair. Her mother does it for her.
  • Boka is extremely scared of thunder, to the point where she will burst into tears if she's alone and a particularly loud to thunder thing comes along.
  • Boka is an atheist.
  • Boka's favorite song is Hello Dystopia by Mafumafu.
  • Boka is a heterosexual heteroromantic.