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Bunta Masuta is an OC created by WPMasterGangGang.


Bunta has black hair, black eyes & light skin. He wears blue & black circle earrings, silver chain necklace, blue Tommy Hilfiger hoodie with Yandere Simulator lettering on right side shoulder, black jeans & blue & black jordans tennis shoes.


Bunta is a bully. He bullies nerds & Tsunderes in his College. Also he bullies male students who has a crush on his girlfriend.


Budo Masuta

Budo Masuta trained his older brother Bunta during his first day of Akademi High School. He was a substitute leader of the Martial Arts Club when Budo was absent. On Bunta's last 3rd year school he graduated Martial Arts Club & Akademi High School.


Bunta joined Martial Arts when he started Akademi High School to do training with his younger brother Budo Masuta.


Whatcha doin to my girl?!?! lil b*tch!
— When a male student has a crush on Bunta's girlfriend.


  • Bunta is now a college student and hang out with his bad-a** friends.