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Chiasa is a smart and educated girl. She likes to be around people and hardly become angry at someone. Sometimes she is clingy, sometimes she is annoying but still is a good girl.


Chiasa lives with her grandmother and grandfather in Buraza Town. She lived with her mother when she was a baby, unfortunately, her mother got murdered by the girl's father when she was very young. When her mother died, her grandparents started to take care of her more than before. Since little, she loves to cook and helped her grandfather in his restaurant doing some foods and candies. When the girl was twelve years old, she had a great resemblance with her mother because of the short hair she had.


Chiasa have a long brown hair, her bangs covers her forehead. She have brown eyes and skinny eyebrows. She have a mole in the left side of her face and uses a pair of pink hearts earrings. She uses the default school uniform with black long stockings and white and blue shoes.


Kohaku Nanami

Unfortunally, Kohaku doesn't accompanied the daughter's growth because she was killed when the girl was two months old. Chiasa and Kohaku connects with each other in Chiasa's dreams, she appears everytime and teach the daughter through her dreams since the girl was one year old. Chiasa imagine every day what her life would be like if her mother were alive.

Yui Nanami

Chiasa is like a second daughter to Yui. For her little resemblance to Chiasa's mother, Yui sometimes calls her Kohaku when she is sleepy.

Atsushi Nanami

Chiasa and her grandfather have a father and daughter relationship. He loves her and feel the need to protect her more than he protected his deceased child.

Noor Oshiro

Chiasa and Noor are best friends and classmates, they started to talk with each other when Noor lost her scarf and Chiasa give it back to her. Noor have a big trust on her.

Kieran Oshiro

Chiasa and Kieran are friends despite his reserved persona. He have a crush on her and do anything to hide this feeling.