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Copper Streak is one of the old female delinquents. As of the Delinquent Update,she has been removed, however, she is in 1980's mode now.


Copper Streak has dark brown hair with copper streaks on both sides. Her hair is short with straight cut bangs. Her eyes are an orange-brown. She wears a white mask over her mouth with "くそ", which is Japanese profanity. She holds a kendo, also known as a bokken, over her shoulders. Copper wears the default uniform regardless of customization. She never changes her shoes, and thus wears her black loafers all day.


She will stand with her kendo and make aggressive remarks to the player and will push the player away if they get too close. If she sees the player with a corpse, she will chase after the player and hit them over the head, rendering them comatose. If the player is seen holding a weapon, she will stand and face the player, ready to hit the player if they get too close. If the player puts the weapon away, she will taunt them, calling them a coward.


Copper Streak does not have a "real routine," as she is not a "real character." Back when she existed in gameplay, she and the rest of her gang would stand with their weapons beside the incinerator. They do not move unless they witness murder, or if they see the player holding a weapon. When she is not present, there would be a timer. When the timer runs out, she would magically appear with the rest of the delinquents.


  • Copper Streak and her friends seem to be heavily inspired by the Sukeban movement, which was a feminist movement in Japan popularized during the 1980s. Sukeban girls would rebel against the beauty standard by acting "wild," dying their hair, and holding a weapon at all times.
  • Before the March 15th, 2016 build, Copper Streak.
  • She was implemented in the March 2nd, 2016 Build.
  • She was removed in the April 26th, 2018 Build.
  • In an older appearance, Copper had black hair instead of brown, and had more vibrant orange eyes.
  • In her first (and unused) look, Copper and her friends wore very long skirts, another key trait of Sukeban girls.
  • The word on her mask translates to "fuck".