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Dairoku Surikizu is a canon student in Yandere Simulator.


Dairoku's dirty blonde hair is combed to the back of his head. His blue eyes are slanted and has several piercings on his ears. On the left side of his mouth, there is a small scar. His uniform top is unbuttoned, revealing a blue shirt with an image of a sword in a spiral of fire.He carries a weapon bag, which contains his weapon that he uses against others.


Like most of his fellow delinquents, he is often described as being "violent" and "rude". He is easily angered and is always ready for a fight. He despises anyone who isn't in his gang, most commonly authority figures, and yells at them from just being in his point of view. He doesn't think much of school, and would intentionally come to school late.

If a camera is pointed at him, he gives an irritated glare and covers his face. If the player is in the photography club, his irritated demeanour is still present. Once witnessing a murder, he would continuously attack the player despite being hurt. This would either end up with the player in comatose or him being killed by the player.


  • Previously known as Hayanari Tsumeato, prior to the September 13th build, where their names were swapped.
    • This was due to their names not matching their appearances, which Yanderedev addressed on Reddit.