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De-Angelo Bruce is a former student in Akademi High School. He is the father of Terris Bruce.


De-Angelo has brown eyes. He wears a purple bandana, white T-shirt, black jeans, white shoes & black coat.


De-Angelo has a crush on Phantom girl in Akademi High School. He saws Ryoba Aishi in campus during break time Phantom girl and De-Angelo runs away from Ryoba as she tries to stab De-angelo & Phantom girl.


Phantom Girl

He had a crush on her.

Terris Bruce

He is the son of him after De-Angelo's death.


De-Angelo got out in Los Santos after rivals gang members took over his place in 1979 and moved to Tokyo to Buraza Town, Japan. He bought a house in Japan and paid his rent for 300 yen.


In April 1989 De-Angelo died from a murder in Akademi High School from stabbing. His funeral is held in April 5, 1989. Kenji Najimi, Sakura Najimi & Yakuza visit the funeral of De-Angelo Bruce. In April 16 De-Angelo is buried in Kyoto Cementry Park.


  • De-Angelo Bruce appeared in 1980's mode in Akademi High School.
  • De-Angelo has a crush on Phantom girl.
  • De-Angelo is with friends with Sakura & Kenji Najimi.