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Devontae Harris is the younger brother of Big Smoke & Grove Street gang member.


Devontae has no hair, has brown eyes & black beard. He wears a white T-shirt, green sweater, pastel light blue jeans & white shoes.


Devontae would put gang sign when camera is pointed. If the Tsundere bumps into Devontae 5 times, the fighting cutscene would occur, Devontae will stop once the Tsundere has taken too much damage. When witnessing talking to Taro Yamada, Devontae would attack the Tsundere via the fighting cutscene. He will relentlessly attack the Tsundere despite being in pain until the Tsundere dies. Once Devontae has been injured, the Tsundere can injure Devontae with bare hands.


Ayano Aishi

Devontae likes to help Ayano cover up the corpse.

Genka Kunahito

Devontae got punished & he got a revenge on her by putting a panty poop girl picture on her laptop.

Other characters

He likes everyone like his gang members.


Devontae got out of United States and moved to Japan and rented a modern apartment in buraza town. He went to his first day in Akademi High School to be safe in there.

Murder of Sakura Najimi

On September 7, 2018 Devontae shot and killed Sakura Najimi with a shotgun. A unnamed student telled the teacher and then the teacher called the police and arrest Devontae. The police took away Devontae's shotgun. At 7:50PM Devontae senteced 2-years in prison.


  • Devontae Harris is a Grove Street Families gang member.
  • Devontae is a good helper of Ayano Aishi.