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Senpai woke up... in... what is it? A dark room full of sheep? And the room had no walls. He looked down. There were nothing but strange blocks, covered in blood.

Senpai: What is this place? Where's Osana? Where.. am I?

Sheep: I'm scared. I mean, now I feel sorry that I cheated.

*After the elevator cause i am lazy*

Senpai: Hey! Where'd you drop me off? HOLY... CRAP...

He looked in front of him. There were nothing but those strange blocks. A lot of sheep were climbing. Many died from getting shoved or just plain falling.

Senpai: Holy crap... I have to do all this? Ugh.. *starts to climb*


Senpai: Oh, crap... I MADE IT! * Pulls the lever*

*wakes up* What?!?!

Senpai looked around. He was in his own room. And on his bed was... Osana?!?!

He remembered now. Before that dream. Back at the cafe.

Osana: Well, wasn't that thing Risa said... scary?

Senpai: Huh? Oh... yes..

Osana: Haha... you shouldn't worry. I've got you.

And they.. kissed... Osana forced herself on him though. It wasn't Senpai's fault. No one was watching, not even Saki Miyu. And she was a waiter, and always came to Senpai's table with a coffee.

Osana: Well... Hehe, did you like it?

Senpai: Oh... crap, I can't believe she did this!!!!