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Haruto: You WHAT?!?!

Senpai: I know, I know. Well, i didn't really cheat. She forced herself on me!

Riku: Well... have you been having dreams?

Senpai: Come to think of it, YES! I really *sigh* can't remember much...

Sora: Hey, I'm thirsty. Saki!!!!

Saki: Alright, what do you boys want?

Riku: Coffee.

Haruto: Tea.

Sora: Latte.

Senpai: Wait... Saki? I have something to tell you.

Saki: Yes?

Haruto: Osana.

Riku: At the bar.

Sora: Sat with Senpai.


Saki: Ugh... really? Do you think you'll die, like Sota?

Senpai: Don't talk about that! You'll jinx me!

Riku: Wow, you really believe in that?

Haruto: Wait. Sota cheated on Yuna, with Hinata. Sota's dead, and Hinata's been in depression. This can all be connected!

Senpai: Haruka-chan said something like that!!! Ugh.. I'm tired of all this logic. Let's go home.

Saki: You sure? Well, okay. See you at school tomorrow!

All 4: Bye.