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It's morning.

Senpai: That's weird, I didn't feel anything last night... Anyway, time for school.


Miss Kanon: Hello, class. Today we're gonna study some biology. The nurse has come to help. So, with this tranquilizing medicine, we can...


Kokona: Hey, Senpai!

Senpai: Oh, hi, Kokona. Let's eat together!

Kokona: Haha, sure! I really missed you. I haven't seen you in a while.

Senpai: *Sits down on a bench with Kokona*

Kokona: Um, I have--


Senpai: It's my phone. I'll pick up.

Senpai picked up his phone and saw there was an incoming call from phone number 345-491-3378.

Senpai: Isn't that... *Picks up*

Osana: Hi! How you doing, hun-bun?

Senpai: *Gasp* Umm.. err, hehe. Hello.

Osana: Haha! I love you, you're so sweet!

Kokona: Who's that?

Senpai: *hangs up and drops phone* It was... my mom! Haha...

Kokona: Well... anyway, I think I might be.. *gulp* pregnant.

Senpai: Really?!?! *Chokes on eggroll*

Kokona: I know you're shocked, but that's just what it is.

Senpai: (Thinking) What will Osana think?! Come to think of that, what's Kokona gonna think of Osana?!

Kokona: Heyy... you aren't hiding anything from me, are you?

Senpai... err, no! Why would I?

???: Um, I'll have the summer squash salad.

Senpai: (Thinking) I know that voice! Osana!!!

Senpai: Sorry, Kokona, I need to go to the bathroom. Bye!

Kokona: But wait! Oh... he's gone...

Senpai: *Runs in a bathroom stall* I can't believe the mess I've gotten myself into...

WAIT! Who's the father of Kokona's baby? Damn, this is so confusing!