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Emma Nakoruru is a recurring character in GhoulGirls90's Fanon. She is the mother of Simon and Kanan.


A slightly protective woman that works as a chef at Maid Cafe in Shisuta Town. She is the mother of Simon and Kanan. Although being a bit protective due to her concern for their safety, she trusts her son and daughter to take care of themselves while they go to a place on their own.


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Emma is kind, very friendly, caring and helpful. She is slightly protective to Simon and Kanan due to her concern for their safety but she trusts them to take care of themselves while they go to a place on their own. She also encouraged them to make friends in their school, which they exactly did.

She wouldn't be able to forgive herself if she ever learns that Simon or Kanan get harmed, though, it's not possible for Simon to get hurt since he usually wins in any physical confrontations with his invincible strength. Emma might feel impressed if he witnesses his son winning in physical confrontations against enemies or probably her captor.


Simon Nakoruru

Simon is Emma's son and she is his mother. Emma used to always frown at her son because he constantly keeps having low grades due to not being very good in most of other subjects, especially math. She was worried that Simon might not ever succeed.

Until the day having Simon enrolled at Akademi High School, she eventually starts to find him having good grades this time after he joined the martial arts where he was encouraged by Budo to never give up until he gets better. She is very surprised over seeing Simon suddenly now has a better performance but filled with joy and very proud of her son's academic performance became finally improved.

Kanan Nakoruru

Kanan is Emma's daughter and she is her mother. She appears to know that her daughter has a hot-tempered nature as she often catches her yelling at Simon for making mistakes, who usually remains silent when Kanan is scolding him. She usually steps in to break up the fight because she does not want to see her children fighting or arguing each other. She always manages to calm Kanan down when she is in anger state. Emma shows a disappointment towards her daughter because she dislikes her treatment to Simon.


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