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Erika is a lovable teacher, she loves her students and sometimes helps them with family problems. She is very strict when she needs to, she doesn't treats Akire Honoki like a daughter in school, she treats her like a normal student but outside the school she treats Akire like a treasure. She is very independent too.


Erika was a teenager when she gave birth to Akire, she married her boyfriend when she was seventeen years old, after one year, she get pregnant. After she told him she was pregnant, he ran away from the house, he did not want to take responsibility for the child. Erika raised and took care of Akire alone, being a loving and kind mother.


Erika is a Caucasian woman with long blonde hair with two braids and light blue eyes, her fringe is moved to the side and is messy. She has a pair of large circular gold earrings, wears black little glasses and has freckles on her cheeks. She wears a beige strapless dress, her bra has straps that holds the neck. She have two wine colored crooked belts. She wears a white skirt with five wine bows at the left end. She wears a bracelet with golden balls and also wears a pair of red heels.


Akire Honoki Akire feels really protected when she is with her mother, Erika is her teacher and really seems very strict with her and with the others students. Outside of the school, Erika takes care of Akire and protect her from anything.

Kazuhiko Shiruba When Kazuhiko was studying in Akademi High School, Erika was his teacher, they became friends and seemed very close to each other when he was in school, this approach happened when he started dating her daughter, Akire. Kazuhiko seems to respect Erika a lot and Erika seems to love him as a son.

Tadao Shiruba Erika is a good friend to Tadao, they talk too much when they are hanging out with their children. They respect and like each other a lot.