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Five Nights at Yandere's is a Yandere Simulator and FNAF Crossover by Pingy and Igor


You have no money to buy things you needed! But you have been sent to Yandere-Chan's Pizzeria to be on a lookout for the Animatronics!



  • Night Appearance: Night 3
  • Similarity: Freddy


  • Night Appearance: Night 1
  • Similarity: Bonnie


  • Night Appearance: Night 1
  • Similarity: Chica


  • Night Appearance: Night 1 (Rarely)
  • Similarity: Foxy

Golden Yandere-Chan

  • Night Appearance: Any Nights
  • Similarity: Golden Freddy

Phone Calls

Night 1: Hiya! Igor Luan-Kun here! Well, Call me Phone Guy. There's a Rumor that the Animatronics are Haunted! Luckily, You have 2 Doors. If i remember well, Info-Chan and Osana only come from the Left Door. Yandere-Chan and Senpai Come from the Right Door. Personally, My Favorite is Info-Chan. I love how they put Bunny ears on her head! Ok, I'm being carried away, See ya.

Night 2: Hiya Again! Igor Luan-Kun here! Well, You Are a Success in Night 1! Im Pretty Sure There is Someone Waiting in Osana's Cove! She Would Rush To Your Location and Remember to Close the Doors for Warning OK? Well If You Check on The Poster It Would Summon That Golden Thingy When It has The Face of It, So Bye Now!

Night 3: Hiya Again! Igor Luan-Kun Here. It seems you're doing well. but this night, Everything gets Seriously! Why? Yandere-Chan has awoken for this Night, You better be Careful. If I Remember Right, Yandere-Chan would appear from the Right Door. I wonder if I could...Wait, I'm being carried away. See Ya.