Fumihiro Takahashi


Fumihiro Takahashi is a first-year student attending Akademi High.


Fumihiro has sparkling bluish-purple eyes and purple hair. He wears the default male uniform (modified to fit him and his brother), and black shoes with ankle-high socks, so that they aren't visible.


Fumihiro has the Loner persona. He won't pose in front of a camera, and he will run and home and call the police if he witness a murder.

Fumihiro is shy, temperamental, and considers other's feelings before his own. He has low self-esteem, and constantly needs to be reassured by his brother. He has trouble with change. He is a listener, and a follower rather than a leader. He is scared of heights and small spaces. He is secretive and sneaky.


Imari Byakuya: Fumihiro is scared of her.

Akino Hana: Fumihiro's crush. He is attracted to her due to her quietness.

Asahi Takahashi: His brother; they are conjoined at the hip.


  • He is conjoined at the hip to his brother, Asahi Takahashi.
  • They share vital organs.
  • His favorite anime is K-on!
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