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Fun Girl is a mysterious white creepy-monster girl and a secret antagonist in GhoulGirls90's Fanon. Most of all people are unaware that she actually exists. So far, only Ayano and Info-chan is aware of her existence.


Something else got my attention to this, but this girl seems very mysterious. Better trust me and know this; she looks dangerous and extremely threat to both of us. She even has a strange powerful magic and she doesn't look like a human to me but some kind of monster, judging with her appearance.

Be careful, she'll show up to you randomly everywhere, usually the area where no crowd are around. So better always brace yourself and keep yourself ready, when she unexpectedly confronts you. Might be a best worth that you try not to stay in the area where no one is around for too long as the only way avoid her.


Fun Girl is very violent, murderous but can be sometimes merciful to her victims. She is almost like a information broker who can easily identify a person she learns or she meets. She is considered enemies with Ayano and Info-chan as she also wants to enjoy making them suffer for their actions against Akademi High School and its population. She is formal sometimes, arrogant and cocky.


A mode is being called "Fun Everywhere" where Fun Girl will randomly appear everywhere to Ayano. It is usually done at any area where no crowd are nearby and Ayano is alone. Once she appears, Ayano will be surprised to see her and feels creeped out with her appearance. Fun Girl will confront Ayano about her and what she did in the past. She will challenge her to fight her. Ayano must beat her to win the fight. Fun Girl is extremely difficult to defeat her due to her incredible powerful strength and can easily dodge Ayano's attacks and sometimes performs an counter-attack against her before Ayano can attack.

1st fight

During Thursday in first week, Ayano is about to leave 6:00PM after having been busy with the Student Council. There are not much crowd nearby as they probably have gone at home already. Once Ayano is about to reach the entrance/exit gate of Akademi High, Fun Girl will show up to her. Ayano is surprised to see her and asks who she is. Fun Girl introduces herself and tells her she ain't leaving the school just yet. Ayano demands her what she wants from her. Fun Girl reveals to her about knowing what she had done to original Akademi High one. However, Fun Girl isn't planning to expose her and only wants to confront her about her sins by herself. Ayano feels threatened by her words as she braces herself.

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2nd fight

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3rd fight

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4th fight

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5th and final fight

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Ayano Aishi

Fun Girl is aware of Ayano being a culprit behind the Akademi High School massacre that killed its population. She knows she just cares for his love interest and threatening the girls who tries to take Senpai away from her. She thinks Ayano is like a psychopath and a pretender of being innocent. She is impressed because of a way how she is able to cover her tracks such as getting away with murder and ruining others' reputation without anyone witnessing her.

Fun Girl would also want Yandere-chan to suffer for all of this and challenge her to fight her to the death. She appears randomly everywhere, usually the area where none of other people are nearby and Ayano is alone where no one can disturb them and openly confront her.


Fun Girl is impressed of learning Info-chan's intelligence and skills of getting information of almost everyone. However, she finds her weak to fight to defend herself when getting in trouble.

Later, at some point, Fun Girl will kidnap Info-chan and uses her to blackmail Ayano if she does not show up to her meeting place. Ayano will receive a game over if Info-chan gets killed by Fun Girl.

Kencho Saikou

Despite never interacting with him, Fun Girl later also finds Kencho as an enemy, learning that he had also hired Ayano and Info-chan as like his secret apprentices, who have also started working with him. She thinks that the boy from the Saikou Corp had teamed up with the assassins, planning to eliminate their every enemies.

For unknown reasons, Fun Girl has hatred towards him and would want to also make him suffer for wishing Megami's death.

Powers and abilities

  • Blaze of Darkness - Fun Girl can shoot black fireballs towards her enemies.
  • Reanimation - Fun Girl can revive a deceased livings as a revenant. She revives the deceased past Akademi High School students and teachers who were murdered by Ayano as a revenant and to make them get revenge for their death while fighting Ayano.
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