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Akademi High School is the only school to appear in my fanon. It has fanon version of canon characters and OCs created and owned by GhoulGirls90 but some were created by MoonlightScars, formerly known as, CutyCat.


  • All canon students and teachers appear in my fanon.
  • The original/canon students and teachers have died in 2020, that includes Senpai. They were brutally murdered by Ayano Aishi after she lost her love from Senpai/Taro Yamada.
  • Kiyoko Tatsuhara, a hypothetical student, appears in my fanon.
  • Simon, Saki, Kokona, Himari and Nemesis are considered 'main characters' in my fanon.
  • Some canon students are being made to have siblings.
  • My Main OC, Simon Nakoruru is the main protagonist of my fanon.
  • Ayano Aishi is the main antagonist of my fanon.
  • Saki is Simon's love interest.
  • Himari is determinately Simon's love interest only if Saki dies, because she would eventually develop a crush on him
  • Witness-chan is the only old student to appear in my fanon.
  • Witness-chan has her own name made by me.
  • Flame Demon and Fun Girl appear in my fanon as secret antagonists.
  • Ryoba Aishi is dead. I don't have idea for the cause of her death yet.
    • Ayano's father is still alive and possibly, he had to abandon Ayano as his daughter likely because he doesn't want to live with the Aishi Bloodline anymore as they're dangerous person.
  • New teachers and students.
  • More clubs.
  • New delinquents.
  • Not all students will be wearing same uniform in the event of 2021 at Akademi High School. They will appear wearing different uniforms.
  • Kencho Saikou, the Yakuza and his brother, serves as another new allies of Ayano, aside from Info-chan.
  • The Yakuza's brother is given a name by me.
  • The Yakuza is literally also given a surname by me.
  • The old delinquents before the Delinquent Update, are rivals with the Yakuza's brother.
    • They're also given a name by me.
  • One of the old delinquents, Red Streak, is a neutral delinquent who sometimes hesitate to use violence.
  • The Four Rainbow Six girls also appear in my fanon but with new appearance made by NoicePotato. I also considered them being friends with my main OC, Simon Nakoruru.
  • Ayano is promoted in Student Council so she cannot join any clubs this time.
  • Hanako also appears as Nemesis after the loss of her brother.
  • The bullies no longer exists since their deaths (excluding Kokoro).
  • Most of other future members in other clubs serves as the successors of past club members who have previously died.
  • Ichirou and his wife appear to feel sad over Megami's death while Kencho does not.
  • Saisho Saikou may appear in my fanon and there is a mission where Ayano could interact with him where she would confront him.
  • The four main characters from Doki Doki Literature Club! also appears in my fanon as background characters.


NOTE: The events happened in Prototype Mode, SNAP Mode and Doki Doki Stories here are not canon to a main storyline of my fanon. These fan-games takes place in alternate timeline so they do not match with the history of my fanon. They are spin-off of my fanon.

Backstory Mode

This mode takes place on 2019 before the events of 2020 where Ayano begin to attend the Akademi High School. This focuses on between the three students: Kei Takahashi, Shiori Aikawa and the yandere girl, Yamara Aishi. This shows on how Kei and Shiori knows Yamara and why they seem to have a grudge towards her.

Yamara fell in love with Hansamuna Hito and became addicted to him. Because there are girls also has interest with her Senpai, Yamara fears he'll lose him forever and would permanently lose her chance to complete herself. So she plans to do any lethal eliminations to stop them from going to her Senpai. However, she is in wrong when she thinks no one has been knowing her villainous motives; Kei witnessed her murdering a female student that has a crush on Senpai. Now, Kei's main objective is to provide evidence of a yandere girl committing a crime but she must do it stealthily. There is a lethal consequence if Yamara ever realizes that Kei became a witness to her crimes and her attempt to expose her. Shiori soon finds herself seeing her friend stalking at a yandere girl and becomes involved with the problem. Believing of what her friend saw might be true, Shiori is willing to help Kei. Though hesitant at first, Kei accepts her help. Will Kei and Shiori be able to provide enough evidence against this dangerous yandere girl and stop her bloodshed?

Original Mode

This mode takes place on 2020 where Ayano fell in love with Senpai and became obsessed with him. Ayano's objective is to win Senpai's heart while trying to get rid of her rivals who seem to have interest in him. She has to eliminate them by either murder, kidnap, befriend/betray or matchmake them without being witnessed by Senpai.

Future Mode

This mode takes place on 2021 in the aftermath of Akademi High School massacre where Ayano had apparently murdered its population after her failure to win Senpai's heart and having her true nature exposed to school. During this mode, there are two playable characters; Ayano and Simon. There is no option to choose which either one of them you will play with, they are playable in some chapters.

Simon Nakoruru - With the help of his remaining friends who survived the incident, his main objective is to find a way to expose Ayano to public about her being behind about what happened at Akademi High, one year ago. However, when you do gather some suspicious information about Ayano, you need to be careful or else...

Ayano Aishi - In this event, Ayano became a student council member for being fit for the job. Her main objective is to maintain the responsibilities of being council member, while keeping her crimes about being the culprit of massacre at Akademi High, one year ago covered. This time, she has a new ally, Kencho Saikou, but you will find out throughout her continuous story about that. Info-chan no longer stays at school as her hideout was destroyed but will also attend to school. There are now times that Info-chan or Kencho wants you to meet up with them for something. Ayano can only perform murder on her target but without witnessing her. She cannot kill the witnesses as they would instantly run away from her or apprehend her and her mission will fail.

Inferno Mode

Coming soon...

Prototype Mode

This mode takes place in alternate timeline where the zombie apocalypse happened in the world. It begins at infection had spreaded through the whole world that turns humans into mindless monsters who would eat any human they see. The story follows the five Akademi High School students from the Gaming Club; Mai, Midori, Pippi, Ryuto, Gema and the other group of high school students as they deal with the deadly pandemic. They try to survive the zombie apocalypse and explore the town to also look for food to prevent their hunger overwhelming them.

Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode

A survival horror mode where you help the remaining students escape the Akademi High while avoiding the extreme crazy yandere girl, Ayano.

Witnessing her being disruptive, Ayano became savage, extremely dangerous and completely invincible after being rejected by Senpai and killed him. She brutally also killed numerous of students and teachers but some still remains who were trying to avoid her. Unfortunately for them, Yan-chan has locked the entrance/exit to prevent them from escaping. She will not stop until she knows that everyone are dead. Because the faculty are all dead and no one would go to their rescue, you will have to help the students face the horrible nightmare they've ever encountered of on their own and escape Akademi High without being caught by the murderous yandere girl, Yandere-chan. You will play as one of the students in each clubs that still stands on ground.

Yandere Simulator: Doki Doki Stories

This mode is where the four main characters from Doki Doki Literature Club!: Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri and Monika are featured and Simon Nakoruru acts as MC, being also the main character of this game. Like in Story Mode, you will play as Simon Nakoruru and also takes the role of being Sayori's childhood friend. Joining the Literature Club, these four girls will soon develop a crush on Simon. However, because Simon seems to be more focused on these three girls, the thing that may become a problem is one of the girls start to feel that the other three girls are taking Simon's attention from her and thinks they are threat to her plans to be with Simon and then starts to change her attitude and making drastic measures against these three girls. What will happen to the three girls? And who is this girl trying to get rid of them, just to be able to spend time with Simon?

Yandere Simulator: Ghostly Fate

This is a fan-made horror series that follows the story of a young female yakuza "Ryoba Aishi." She was adopted by the leader of the Yakuza and lives in a yakuza life after her mother got killed by the police. As a young yakuza, Ryoba tries to keep the fact she's in career criminal secret from anyone as she attends Akademi High School and gains some friends. Meanwhile, however, a mysterious person with skull appears from nowhere who seemed to be dangerous and savage.


2020 Timeline (Original Mode)

"A yandere girl named "Ayano Aishi" was born to Ryoba Aishi. Like her mother during childhood, she has not been able to experience emotions and her world was like cold and empty. Assured by her mother that she'll find a boyfriend who can complete her, Ayano hopes so. One day, Ayano was not watching her surrounding and then she accidentally bumped into an unknown person. Being helped up, but when she looks up, she sees a boy, the same boy from her dream. She finally found someone who can complete her, but to her surprise... Senpai has a childhood friend "Osana". Refusing to lose this chance, Ayano hatches up with evil plan; any girl who seemed to have interest in her Senpai - will die or suffer."

2021 Timeline (Future Mode)

"In the aftermath of Akademi High School massacre, the three students; Simon, Saki and Kokona, who have survived the accident still enrolls the same school that has just been rebuilt; brand new classrooms, club rooms, etc. But things didn't seem in the same; new students, teachers and like no else were there they knew. Still driven with anger of Aishi's villainous actions, Simon must find a way how to get Ayano exposed of her true colors while avoiding her from catching him trying to spread information about her plans."

November 2021 Timeline (Inferno Mode)

Coming soon...

Uniforms at Akademi High

In 2020, each students used to have worn different types of uniforms at the Akademi High School.

In 2021, the students wear different types of uniform at Akademi High School.

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